5 Things to Know About the Five Percent Nation’s Influence on Big Daddy Kane | VIDEO

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    *Many hip-hop artists, from Busta Rhymes to The Wu-Tang Clan, have been inspired and influenced by the teachings of the Five Percent Nation. Hip Hop legend Big Daddy Kane is no exception. Here are five things you should know.

    Big Daddy Kane

    Big Daddy Kane, born Antonio Hardy, started his music career in 1986 as a member of the famous Juice Crew out of Queens, New York. He is one of the most skilled and influential MCs in hip-hop. His second album, “It’s a Big Daddy Thing,” included the classic hits “I Get the Job Done” and “Smooth Operator,” and was his most significant career achievement, besides winning the 1991 Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance.

    Five Percent Nation

    The 5 Percent Nation of Gods and Earths was founded in 1964 by Clarence 13X, a former member of the Nation of Islam. There are various reports explaining why Clarence 13X left the NOI. During this time, he worshipped at Temple Number Seven under preacher Malcolm X. Some claim that he left after being caught gambling, while others say he was against NOI’s ban on alcohol, drugs, and gambling.

    The Five Percenters have laws that classify humanity into various categories. “Ten percent of the world knows the truth about life, and they keep 85 percent of people in ignorance, so it’s up to the remaining Five Percenters to enlighten others.

    Clarence 13X believed that Black men were God and could tap into their inner godliness with intense meditation as well as acquiring knowledge through systems like ‘Supreme Mathematics’ and ‘Supreme Alphabet,’ which attach a deeper meaning to the English letter and number system to bring enlightenment,” Bustle reported.

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    In the Name of Kane

    In one of his songs, Kane explains the Five Percent origin of his stage name. “The name Kane is superior to many people; it means King Asiatic Nobody’s Equal,” he rhymed on the 1988 track “Just Rhymin’” featuring Biz Markie. (See video above.)

    Kane is an acronym for King Asiatic Nobody’s Equal.

    Big Daddy Kane is Introduced To Teachings

    One of the books from “The Righteous Way,” written by Starmel Allah and published in 2020, included an interview with Kane. In the discussion, he reveals first hearing of the Five Percent Nations as a teenager through friends. The trilogy includes: “The Righteous Way (Part 1),” “The Righteous Way: Golden Jubilee Edition (Part 2),” and “The Righteous Way (Infinity Edition).”

    Kane said his friends “told me different things. I found it intriguing and I was asking questions about the Five Percent Nation. They are telling me what…was wrong with this and what’s wrong with that as far as food, as far as how we are deceived as Black people in America and all of this…and I wanted to know more.”

    He added, “When I really got with it is when I started making records because that’s when I met Born Justice. That is when I really had an Enlightener.”

    The Word to Kane

    To Kane, the teachings are way beyond just scriptures, they require action. In an interview with Allah, he explains, “I think that sometimes brothers get so locked into their lessons where all you do is what people refer to as ‘quoting scriptures.’ There has to come to a point where you say, okay listen, now in order to do that, this is what we have to do to own land in the hood. To take our hood back.”

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