‘SWV & Xscape The Queens Of R&B’ Exclusive Clip: LaTocha’s Skipping Rehearsal & Kandi Can’t Believe It—‘Why We Don’t Set The Rules?!’

    The ladies of Xscape are frustrated that someone’s skipping rehearsal, and BOSSIP’s giving you an exclusive first look.

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    On Sunday’s episode of Bravos’ SWV & Xscape: The Queens Of R&B , Kandi, Tiny, and Tamika are having a rehearsal for their upcoming show but their groupmate LaTocha is noticeably absent.

    Source: Bravo

    “She’s not coming, I hate to say that,” says Tamika about her sister while Tiny and Kandi look to their road manager Shane for clarity.

    Source: Bravo 

    A frustrated Kandi says in a confessional that her patience with LaTocha is running thin because she’s “still moving the same,” and Shane reluctantly drops a bomb.

    LaTocha’s not only skipping rehearsal, but she’s also skipping soundcheck.

    “I need ya’ll to practice her parts for real because if she don’t come,” starts Kandi to Tiny and Tamika.

    Shane tries to assure Kandi that the Xscape singer will show up to perform, but she’s fed up and wondering why LaTocha gets to bend the rules.

    Source: Bravo

    “Why do we give her the right to always put us on hold, Let us know what she’s gonna do? Why we don’t set the rules, y’all?” she asks. “If you can’t f***g show up to at least sound check…”

    Take an exclusive look below.

    An all-new episode of ‘SWV & Xscape The Queens Of R&B’ airs this Sunday, March 26 at 8/7 on Bravo. 


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