‘Say YES To The Dress’ Exclusive: This Atlanta Bride Is No Stranger To Kleinfelds

    Happy Friday! We’ve got a special treat for y’all courtesy of this week’s episode of Say YES To The Dress!

    Source: Courtesy / TLC

    One of our favorite things about the weekend is that Say YES To The Dress comes out with new episodes on Saturday. This week we have two exclusive clips to share with you featuring the cutest bride in the episode, Shatava Lindsey from Atlanta, GA. She arrives at Kleinfelds in Manhattan and wants extra sparkles for her wedding dress! There’s only one problem — Shatava’s friend wants revenge for their last visit to Kleinfelds.

    Check out the first clip from the show below:

    Shatava wants it all – a gown with sparkles, and lace, and pearls, and a long train, not to mention a tiara and veil – but finding a dress like that within her $2,500 budget is going to be a challenge!

    Source: Courtesy / TLC

    Before the consultation has even begun Randy knows that he and Peter are in for a wild ride, because he recognizes Shatava and her friend Courtney from a raucous dress appointment in Season 18 when Courtney was the bride and Shatava a bridesmaid. As a member of that entourage, Shatava was unapologetically outspoken, and today Courtney is determined to get some payback now that their roles are reversed!

    Hit the flip to watch a second clip.

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