Something Shady: Investigation Into Rasheem Carter’s Death “Inconclusive”, Sheriff Defends Ridiculous Results

    Source: Family / Rasheem Carter family

    Despite the shenanigans going on surround this case, we don’t believe for a single second that Rasheem Carter wasn’t murdered. Sorry, not sorry. A decapitated head, a severed spine, and broken vertebrae aren’t a part of “natural causes” when it comes to death. Just not possible.

    BOSSIP has covered this case for several months now and to this point, it doesn’t appear that local authorities or federal investigators are terribly excited to get real answers for Rasheem’s family. There has been growing public outcry and according to a WDAM article, there will have to be prolonged protest to pressure police to do their jobs.

    The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation announced yesterday that a medical examiner still could not determine Rasheem’s cause of death.

    “A forensic anthropology examination was completed by the Mississippi State Medical Examiners Officer on February 2nd, 2023,” reads a press release from MBI. “Based solely upon the condition of the remains, there was no means by which a cause of death could be reasonably determined by the medical examiner’s office.”

    Despite the bevy of aforementioned graphic injuries, the MBI and medical examiners are essentially doing a Kanye shrug. These are professional crime solvers who have likely broken cases much more complicated than this but for whatever reason, the case of a dismembered Black man has them completely stumped.

    We call bulls**t and so does Rasheem’s mother according to Business Insider:

    You could see there are bruises on him,” Carter’s mother, Tiffany Carter, told Insider of the October 2, 2022 image with a time stamp of 4:32 p.m. “When I see that picture, I know my son was somewhere struggling, somewhere running for his life.”

    Whether you live in Mississippi or not, call, write, tag on social media, continue to say Rasheem Carter’s name in an effort to get justice for his loved ones.

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