#MAFS Exclusive Clip: Dr. Pepper Tells Shaq To Be More Affectionate By Kissing Kirsten—‘Give Her Your Most Masculine, Most Desirous Self’

    A Married At First Sight season 16 husband is being challenged to give his wife the affection she’s finally asking for and BOSSIP’s giving you an exclusive first look.

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    During tonight’s episode of #MAFS airing at 8/7 c on Lifetime, viewers will see Kirsten and Shaq meet with Dr. Pepper to discuss intimacy.

    Last week we saw the couple celebrate their one-month anniversary and admit that they’re on two different pages when it comes to communication. They then had a group dinner with the other #MAFS pairings and things got awkward when they were asked if they moved past kissing.

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    Kirsten was also asked if her husband’s bald head was a turn-on.

    “It’s better for sure, it’s nice, it’s smooth,” said Kirsten who never pictured herself married to a bald man.

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    She also noted that she and Shaq “haven’t hit new bases ” even though they have a “little bit” of chemistry and Shaq said that seemed like a marital setback.

    Now the two are turning to Dr. Pepper for guidance.

    “Married At First Sight” Season 16 Exclusive Clip

    In an exclusive clip from tonight’s episode, we see Dr. Pepper question the couple about the progression of their intimacy and chemistry.

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    According to Shaq, his wife went from not wanting to kiss him at all, to asking for smooches and affection—so he’s been giving her kisses on the forehead.

    “We’ve been doing better at it,” says Shaq. “At first it was, she didn’t want a kiss at all, she was like it’s gonna take a little time. Great I accepted it, and then it started growing,” he notes.

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    Kirsten has apparently been demanding more, and at one point was upset that Shaq left the house without giving her his routine forehead kiss.

    “I need the kisses,” Shaq recalls his wife saying.

    Dr. Pepper acknowledges that the couple’s level of affection is okay, but wonders if the couple can progress to “real serious spousal kisses.”

    Kirsten affirms that they can.

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    The #MAFS expert then turns her attention to Shaq and warns him about possibly holding out on affection because of Kirsten’s previous hangups.

    If you can recall, the #MAFS wife wasn’t interested in kissing her hubby because not only is she “bad at it,” but she admittedly wasn’t attracted to him and his bald head.

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    Now, however, she’s more open to affection and Dr. Pepper wants to make sure Shaquille is open to reciprocating.

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    “Maybe you’re angry,” says Dr. Pepper. “Maybe you feel like you’re still reacting to when she was saying no, I don’t need kisses. That was then, you’ve got to put away all that stuff if you’re still holding on to any of it and give her your most masculine, most desirous self.”

    “Okay I know what I got to do to fix the problem,” replies a confident Shaq.

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    Oh? How do you think he’ll “fix” the problem with Kirsten?


    Take an exclusive look below.




    Viewers won’t just see Shaq and Kirsten meet with Dr. Pepper, they’ll also see Airris and Jasmine chat with the expert and Jasmine express concerns about their partnership.

    Last week, they agreed that they would wait to consummate their marriage until after Decision Day, but will they even make it that far?

    “Our marriage, that’s what worries me most at the moment,” says Jasmine.

    A new episode of Married At First Sight airs TONIGHT Wednesday, March 22 at 8/7 c on Lifetime!

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