Far From Finished: Tamika Scott Details The Alleged $30K Sister Stealing Scandal, Says LaTocha’s Husband’s Name Was On Her Checks

    The ladies of Xscape are dishing on their new show and one of them is once again doubling down on allegations she made about her sister.


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    Tamika Scott, Tiny Harris, and Kandi Burruss are continuing to speak on Bravo’s SWV & Xscape: The Queens of R&B, and Tamika’s being completely candid about a trending topic surrounding the show.

    As previously reported the Scott sister alleged that her older sis LaTocha and her hubby stole $30,000 in royalties from her by signing and cashing her checks in her name. LaTocha has continued to vehemently deny the allegations, but in an interview with Access Atlanta Tamika detailed her side of the story.

    According to Tamika, after Tiny Harris’ mother signed the group up for a royalty check program, she was told that her checks were being sent to an address that wasn’t hers. When the singer asked for copies of the checks, she alleges that her signature was forged alongside her brother-in-law’s name.


    “They sent the copies of the checks,” said Tamika. “On the back of the check was a fake handwriting that said my name and my sister’s husband’s name. It was cashed in his account. [It was] endorsed, I don’t know if they could still do it now, but nine years ago you could do that.”


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    Her groupmate Kandi also added that the group was initially unaware of the forthcoming royalty checks and asked Tamika to explain another part of the story surrounding a fake email address.

    According to Tamika, members of the group had access to each other’s personal info via email chains that they used to do business and her passport was allegedly used to steal her money.

    “One of the items that was used was my passport,” Scott told Access Atlanta. “So when they sent me the picture of the passport I looked at my passport I had not signed my passport but the same passport was signed which was a piece of paper that somebody forged my name [on] that was sent to them to [pretend] to be me.”


    She also alleged that someone created a fake Tamika Scott Gmail account to further the scam.

    “There are so many layers to this,” said Scott. “There’s a lot of layers and it’s all true, ain’t no lying in it.”

    Scott added that the year the alleged check stealing happened, her sister was “quiet” and their mother was upset with her, not her older sis.

    She ultimately said she’s going through her healing process surrounding the whole thing.

    Despite her sister’s check stealing allegations, LaTocha Scott is standing firm and calling them “untrue.”

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