Done! Marvin Gaye III Files for Divorce from Wife Two Months After Domestic Violence Arrest

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    *It’s over between Marvin Gaye III and his wife Wendy Gaye. Simply put, Marvin III has filed for divorce. His action comes two months after he was busted in connection with domestic violence.

    In the January 12 incident, Wendy claimed he aimed a gun at her and physically assaulted her and her female cousin. Interestingly, Gaye III, 57, listed January 12 (the day he was arrested) as the day of their separation.

    Meanwhile, Wendy Gaye obtained a restraining order in connection with the incident, in which she said Gaye lifted her off the ground by her neck, then attacked her female cousin when she tried to separate them. After the incident, Gaye turned himself in to authorities and was charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon and misdemeanor domestic violence.

    Gaye was released after posting a bond of $50,000, TMZ reported. In legal docs for the divorce petition, Gaye claimed ‘irreconcilable differences as the cause behind the breakup, and requested the court block his estranged wife from receiving spousal support.

    The Gaye domestic situation is even messier than we thought. TMZ also reported that the violence against the two women stemmed from an argument about a previous assault. A source also told the publication that the marriage between Marvin and Wendy has been rocky and the two “have had ongoing issues for a while now.”

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    Here’s more from the Daily Mail:
    Gaye III is the adopted son of legendary singer Marvin Gaye and his wife Anna Gordy Gaye – the pair were wed from 1963-1977. The singer was shot and killed by his own father in 1984 when he was 44, while Anna, who was 17 years his senior, died in 2014 aged 92. Gaye III’s biological mother is Denise Gordy, the niece of Anna. Denise gave birth to Gaye III when she was just 16 years old. Denise has previously said she agreed to give birth to the child because her aunt was unable to conceive. Gaye married his second wife, Janice in 1977 and they had two children, daughter Nona and son Frankie. Gaye III has largely stayed out of the public eye but in 2013 revealed he was suffering from kidney failure and was seeking a donated organ for transplant. He revealed he had been receiving dialysis for renal failure for three years and was having trouble finding a suitable kidney for transplant. He shared his condition publicly to help draw attention to the challenges Black and Hispanic people face when seeking healthy organ donors.

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