Cinema Sizzlers: BOSSIP’s Bubbling Black Actresses Of 2023



    In the midst of ongoing racial inequity and gender bias in Hollywood, it’s of the utmost importance to champion the trajectories of Black actresses excelling at the art of storytelling.

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    As Black women continue to light up screens with their skillset, star quality, and production credits, creatives are speaking openly about the entertainment industry and the inclusion issues that plague it.

    Oprah previously noted that she dissolved the word “diversity” for “inclusion” because the latter articulates what melanin magic makers truly want; “A seat at the table where the decisions are being made.”

    Viola Davis echoed that thought to Vanity Fair and explained that younger “faceless” Black actresses are fighting to be seen in a business where opportunities to “pop” are lacking.

     “Fabulous white actresses (who have had) a wonderful role for each stage of their lives, that brought them to the stage they are now. We can’t say that for many actors of color.”

    Nia Long also agreed that there’s a scarcity of roles for Black women, but they lean on sisterhood as they strive for visibility despite their doubly marginalized existence.

    “We are our own union for our own mission. We all know that we are on the front lines representing Black art at the end of the day, which ends up being pop culture and we understand we are more powerful when we stand together.”

    Tinseltown might (still) be struggling to see our on-screen stunners, but that’s not a problem we share.

    As Women’s History Month continues, BOSSIP is shining a spotlight on sistas expertly introducing audiences to the intricacies of their characters.


    Last year, we highlighted luminaries like Coco Jones, Shoniqua Shandai, and Chanté Adams, this year, we’re adding more ladies to our list.

    In no particular order, here’s BOSSIP’s Bubbling Black Actresses of 2023.

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