Cynthia Dewindt Pens Comedy Picture Book Focusing on Family & Relationships

    Cynthia Dewindt and her new children’s book, “Mr. Bob’s Corny Jokes,” a story inspired by Dewindt’s family, offering comedic relief to both children and families.

    *After watching her husband and children laughing and making corny jokes, author Cynthia Dewindt looked at her family and felt inspired to write their story. Only one hour later, Dewindt’s book, “Mr. Bob’s Corny Jokes,” was born. The book offers comedic relief to both children and families like Dewindt’s husband did to her and her children.

    In the book, readers will follow a family where the father, Mr. Bob, shares witty but not-so-funny jokes that would bring laughter to himself and his children. Although not impressed by his humor, the wife would laugh at his jokes and enjoy watching her husband have fun with their children and accept him for who he is.

    “This relatable, heart-warming, funny content is designed to remind and inspire a greater connection with families through humor and accepting each other’s uniqueness,” Dewindt said.

    Dewindt hopes her book may set the tone for a reader’s day with positivity while recalling things in their life they may appreciate, including the opportunity to create beautiful memories no matter how “corny” they may be.

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    Cynthia Dewindt and her new children’s book, “Mr.      Bob’s Corny Jokes”

    “I’m excited to spread humor and positivity to my readers by sharing my family’s story,” Dewindt said. “I hope this book may help readers remember the most important people in their life are family and loved ones.”

    “Mr. Bob’s Corny Jokes”
    By Cynthia Dewindt
    ISBN: 9781669841487 (softcover); 9781669844952 (hardcover); 9781669844945 (electronic)
    Available at Xlibris, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

    About the author
    Cynthia Dewindt was born in Cheraw, S.C, in a small town called Patrick. Immediately following her birth, Cynthia’s mother moved up north to New York City where Cynthia was raised with her three siblings. Although she was raised in the city, Cynthia’s family has deep roots in the south, so she was exposed to the best of both worlds.

    As a health care worker, Cynthia values the importance of a pleasant smile and a good spirit. She is known for brightening the days of those in her charge.

    Mr. Bob’s Corny Jokes is Cynthia’s first book. Although it is a children’s book, it is also for the young at heart and is intended to put a smile on the faces of all who read it. To learn more, please visit:

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