Audio Aficionados: Black Girl Podcasts To Follow For Women’s History Month

    For Women’s History Month, we’re highlighting the Black girl audio aficionados making waves in the podcasting space.

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    Some of these ladies give us constant cackles, while others expertly break down trending topics.

    Others provide insightful resources, ignite conversations about adult topics and provide feel-good content from a Black woman’s perspective. From the funny to the fact-checking, check out our list of Black female-led podcasts to follow for your #WHM listening pleasure!

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    Let us know in the comments if we’ve missed some of your faves!

    “The Undressing Room”

    Shoutout to Macy’s as the retail giant has continued to present “The Undressing Room” Podcast on the Urban One podcast network. Featuring Lore’l of The Morning Hustle and a rotating list of industry vet guests, topics covered include pop culture, celebrity gossip, and dating.

    “Good Moms, Bad Choices”

    Erica Dickerson and Jamilah Mapp are two uncensored sex and cannabis-positive parents who are redefining what modern motherhood looks like.

    The mommy duo hosts weekly episodes where they talk about breaking archaic stereotypes and relating to women who may feel alone in their good – or bad- choices.

    Erica and Milah have also authored a book titled A Good Mom’s Guide To Making Bad Choices, where they challenge notions of what being a “good” mother truly means.

    New episodes of the “Good Moms, Bad Choices podcast drop every Wednesday!

    “Flew Here, Grew Here”

    Hosted by media hosts and radio personalities April B. and Shenelle Simone, the “Flew Here, Grew Here” podcast highlights the different experiences of culture, music, fashion, and more from your hometown to your new town. This duo originally hails from Brooklyn, NY, and now they’re highlighting the different experiences of culture, music, fashion, and more from your hometown to your new town as they navigate their way through the ATL media space.

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    “Know For Sure”

    We know for sure you’ll like this one!

    The “Know For Sure” podcast is hosted by B. Simone alongside her longtime friend, business partner, and fellow boss-babe Megan Brooks. These two keep it all the way real about various topics like managing multiple businesses, and what it takes to maintain friendships.

    You may recall a viral clip from the show where B. Simone admitted to not showering daily. The Internet was aghast over the admission, but clearly not enough to stop listening. These popular ladies continue to grow and “Know For Sure” ranks 4.9 out of 5 stars on Audible. They’ve also joined Patreon’s Pull Up Program, an incubator built to connect and amplify creators of color which has helped them expand their audience even further.

    Go, girls!

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