‘Oh you think I’m a sucker?: 50 Cent on Why He Gets ‘Defensive’ Anytime Women Ask Him to Buy Them Expensive Gifts | WATCH

    Mary J Blige & 50 Cent (The Wine Down) – screenshot

    *50 Cent recently talked about why he gets “defensive” anytime a woman or women ask him to buy them expensive things. The interview was done during his appearance on Mary J. Blige‘s BET show “The Wine Down.”

    The artist explained that he often assumes the worst when women ask him for cash:

    “I get defensive when a person is trying to… when a woman is asking me for things. Then I’m like, ‘Oh you think I’m a sucker? Because organically I wanna do those things. Then I’ll start to do those things and it’ll be cool because she’s never asked me for … nothing.

    He added: “But if she comes with those intentions or that idea then it feels like, ‘Wait.’” Cent’s response left Mary laughing out loud, saying it is possible to tell if a woman’s desires are monetary instantly.

    “Right, ’cause she came with those intentions,” Fiddy concluded.

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    50 Cent explains why he gets “defensive” when women ask him to buy them thinghttps://t.co/52WCdDsvQr pic.twitter.com/sFxrDZRxQJ

    — HipHopDX (@HipHopDX) March 16, 2023

    He further added that he wasn’t always like that.

    In a previous interview with MSNBC’s Ari Melber, the G-Unit mogul disclosed that he made his 2003 song “21 Questions” to help his struggling love life, hoping it would throw women his way.

    “[Dre] said, ‘I know what this is. It’s N.W.A with just one member and you really don’t need it,’” the Queens, New York legend recalled around the 11-minute mark. “He didn’t know why I wanted to put the record on.”

    “Why did you?” Melber interjected.

    “Because I wanted ladies to feel like maybe they could fix me, and I had done so many push-ups,” Fif replied, smiling. “So I felt like, ‘This is gonna be good for my love life!’ I’m dead serious.”

    He added: “I thought that they would see some way that they could possibly fix me or understand me in a different way. And their favorite line on the song was, ‘I love you like a fat kid loves cake.’ When I wrote it, I was thinking, I love you, but too much of you is no good for me. Like a fat kid loves cake.”

    The artist has been dating Cuban Link since 2019, and the pair seem to be going strong as the 27-year-old penned a sweet message to the Power mogul on his 47th birthday last June.

    “My favorite person. The epitome of a Man,” she posted on Instagram alongside a slideshow of romantic photos of her and 50 on the beach surrounded by candles in the shape of a love heart.

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