The Make-under Continues! Blac Chyna Reveals Transformation Of Dissolving Facial Fillers, ‘It All Has To Come Out’

    Blac Chyna announced breast and butt reductions for her “life-changing journey,” and now she’s giving her face the same make-under.

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    The influencer said she was ready to move on by downsizing her surgically enhanced curves. Chyna took to Instagram again to document the removal of the facial fillers that altered her facial features. “Enough is enough,” she said in the videos she posted on Wednesday.

    “I’m on my way to go get these fillers dissolved from my cheeks and from my jawline because enough is enough. It all has to come out and it’s as simple as that,” she announced.

    “I want to dissolve all of it. I’m just tired of the look and it’s just not flattering. It’s just not what I look like. It totally changed my face. I’m ready to get back to Angela,” she told the doctor.

    “Blac Chyna is Blac Chyna and I feel like I’ve outgrown that. It’s time for a change.”

    The former reality star poked fun at herself and how extreme her look became. Between the fillers and makeup adding to the severity, she joked that she looked like Jigsaw.

    Black History Month Fact:

    Blac Chyna and Amber Rose are really the blue print behind the “IG Baddie” era …Not the Kardashians!!!

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    “Even when I get my makeup done, they would contour to make it even more dramatic. So I would be looking like Jigsaw,” Chyna said.

    “Or Maleficent,” the doctor added about super sculpted cheeckbones.

    “Right, that, the Mask, everything,” she continued.

    Chyna held the camera during her injections, which should take effect within a day. She admitted that overdoing the fillers gave her jawline a boxy appearance that we won’t see on her again. After the doctor finished one side of Chyna’s cheek, she said she could immediately see the results. What do you think?

    Blac Chyna Is Documenting Her Full-Body Make-under

    As the latest celeb in the movement away from surgically enhanced bodies and faces, Chyna vowed to share her journey. Her previous posts included consultations, lab work, and recovery from her plastic surgery.

    She warned fans about the dangers of silicone butt shots like the ones she got at 19 but still doesn’t look down on going under the knife. Chyna claimed that she’s just embracing growth and her natural beauty by going “back to the baseline.”

    “This part of my life is really important. I’m changing. I want to grow old with my kids. I want to have grandkids. I want to further my career. And I just feel like this is really holding me back,” Chyna shared.

    On Wednesday, she shared videos from her follow-up visit with her plastic surgery. She asked her surgeon, Dr. Matlock, to discuss the risks of butt shots and how they caused complications during her last procedure. In her first post-op video, Chyna said her surgery took 8 hours instead of the expected 4 hours because silicone clogged up the equipment.

    Dr. Matlock compared silicone butt injections and illegal fillers to playing Russian roulette.

    “Whoever is doing these injections, has these injections, or is considering these injections is doing just that: playing Russian Roulette. That’s the seiousness of it. They’re not medical people. They’re just someone out here doing these things, they’re going to the hardware store and using an illegal product,” the doctor explained.

    “You can die simply from the fact of that needle entering a blood vessel. Do they know they anatomy? No, they don’t. Do they understand the anatomy? Do they undesrtand the risk to the people they’re injecting? No, they don’t!” he continued.

    Dr. Matlock added that the safest option for anyone interested in fuller curves is to use your own fat, like the BBL procedure. For those looking to cut corners or save money, he said it’s not even worth doing. Once the silicone feels like golf balls or baseballs, which Chyna said she experienced, the harder it is to fix.

    What do you think of Blac Chyna’s transformation back into Angela? Do you think the trend towards natural-looking bodies is here to stay in Hollywood?

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