Illinois Man Who Appeared on ‘Family Feud’ Charged in Murder of Estranged Wife

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    *An Illinois man who once joked on an episode of “Family Feud” that he regretted getting married has been arrested in the murder of his estranged wife. 

    Timothy Bliefnick, 39, has been charged with fatally shooting Becky Bliefnick, 41, a nurse and mother of three boys. She was reportedly found dead in her home on Feb. 23, the Daily Beast reports.

    “This brutal crime has had the Quincy community on edge and our residents living in fear,” Quincy Police Chief Adam Yates said in a Facebook post.

    “I hope today’s announcement can begin to calm some of those concerns.”

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    This Family Feud contestant who just MURDERED his wife had this shocking answer on the popular show. He definitely wasn’t kidding. Timothy Bliefnick has been charged

    — Truth Media (@TruthMediaOnly) March 17, 2023

    It remains unclear what evidence authorities had that led them to charge Bliefnick. He has reportedly been charged with two counts of first-degree murder and home invasion. 

    A GoFundMe has been launched to raise money for a scholarship in Bliefnick’s name. 

    “Despite the circumstances of her death, she is remembered for the life she cherished—a life of compassion, generosity, faith, and fierce love for her family,” her sister, Sarah Reilly wrote.

    In a statement on Tuesday, the family said the arrest of Timothy “provides a step towards closure” and noted that “this journey is far from over and the investigation continues.”

    They added, “Our highest priority remains protecting and loving Becky’s sons who were the lights of her life. As we continue mourning, we will love and care for them in the ways we know she would want.”

    Illinois | Rebecca Bliefnick, 41-years-old, was found dead in her home by a family member on February 23, after she failed to pickup her 3 children from school.

    Now her estranged husband, Timothy Bliefnick, has been arrested (yesterday) for her murder.

    — Nerdy 🅳🅳🅸🅲🆃 (@Nerdy_Addict) March 14, 2023

    The Bliefnicks wed in 2009 and Becky filed a restraining order against him and his father after their spit, KHQA reported.

    Timothy and his family members appeared on “Family Feud” in 2021 — watch the Twitter clip below.

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