Douglas Booth and Jon Wright Talk Irish Horror Film ‘Unwelcome’ – EUR Exclusive | Video

    Douglas Booth in “Unwelcome.”

    *Unfortunately, the “luck of the Irish” did not play a part in the film, “Unwelcome” that takes place in Ireland. In an exclusive interview with Douglas Booth (Jamie) and director Jon Wright, we got the 411 on their goblins gone wild in “Unwelcome.” Unlike the leprechauns in Irish folklore, the sinister, creatures in “Unwelcome” are after more than gold.

    “Unwelcome” stars Douglas Booth and Hannah John-Kamen as Maya, his pregnant wife.

    They are brutalized in their London apartment by worthless, neighborhood thugs and try to escape their urban nightmare by moving to what they believe to be the tranquility of rural Ireland.

    Much to their surprise, however, they discover malevolent, murderous goblins lurking at the foot of their garden.

    Always excited by films with supernatural elements, I was curious about Booth and Wright’s attachment to “Unwelcome.”

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    Director of “Unwelcome” Jon Wright.

    Douglas, what was it about ‘Unwelcome’ that interested you?

    DOUGLAS BOOTH: I’d never done a horror movie. And I found the script very original. I liked the way that Irish folklore was woven into the story. Also, the character of Jamie was something I hadn’t played before. I loved the way that Jon (Wright) and his team had planned to bring the goblins and our film to life.

    And Jon, what inspired you?

    JON WRIGHT: Well, I love creature features and horror movies. I love entertaining, imaginative, and farfetched films. But I guess this was a chance to do something that felt very contemporary and almost like a reinvention of those films that I love from my childhood. That we were able to say something about modern life and the way we live today, talk a little bit about what it is to be a man, masculinity—and what it is to be Irish was a draw. We also got to take the audience on this very exciting rollercoaster ride.

    What will be the takeaway for audiences?

    JW: Something a little bit different, more interesting, and unpredictable. If you want more than what you might get in mainstream movies, then I think this could be the film for you.

    JB: Well, for me, just simply that they to be entertained. I want them to go and have fun. People I’ve spoken to say they’ve gone on a wild rollercoaster ride and thoroughly enjoyed it. So I hope that people just come away having had a fun time.

    “Unwelcome” is in theaters and on Demand at Twitter: @thefilmstrip

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