Close Call: Kanye West Avoids Charges For Grabbing & Tossing Paparazzi’s Phone After Police Investigation

    Kanye West Source: Edward Berthelot / Getty


    Kanye West catches a break from his streak of bad luck and will not face charges for grabbing and tossing a person’s phone in Los Angeles.

    When we look back on 2022 one celebrity name will be all over the history books and that’s Kanye West. Over the course of his career, he’s always managed to grab everyones attention. Last year was a bit different as we saw him swallow the red pill and essentially burn everything down that he had built. After an anti-Semitic rant during an appearance on Drink Champs his relationship with Gap and Adidas quickly came to an end. Maybe pleaded on social media for Kanye to take time away and stay out of the spotlight. By the time Ye decided to step away, it was too late paparazzi were in a daily routine of following him. One incident with an overzealous photographer ended up escalating to the point Ye had to confront the group in traffic.

    During the confrontation, Kanye snatched the phone used to record him and threw it across the highway. Another photographer was recording the whole thing and a police investigation was launched. According to TMZ, Mr. West won’t face any charges thanks to their handy police work. After an investigation, it was revealed the toss only damaged the $30 phone case that was protecting the phone. Furthermore, the paparazzi decided they didn’t want to press charges afterward. Since that ordeal, Mr. West has reportedly gotten remarried and has been focusing on his next album. Hopefully, he can get back to the music and put the antics behind him.

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