Pastor Jameliah Gooden Calls Out a ‘Prophetess’ Coming for Her Husband | WATCH

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    *Pastor Jameliah Gooden of Unity Church in Charlotte, NC made time in her sermon this week to call out a woman she claims is trying to come in between her marriage. 

    “There was a woman from Atlanta that tried to come in between me and my husband. This woman says she’s a prophetess, and she got a word from my husband,” Gooden said from the pulpit, MadameNoire reports.

    She added: “I said naw. You ain’t got a word for him. You got a word for us, Natasha Davis.”

    Gooden is married to Pastor Fred Gooden III and whatever this mystery woman said or did behind the scenes has been “hell” for Gooden, she said.

    “It was hell! I never knew I could go through so much,” Gooden said in her fiery speech.

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    Several social media users had mixed reactions to her sermon, with some calling the message “unholy”.

    Comedian Jess Hilarious commented on The Neighborhood’s repost of the video, writing “What the f*ck is going on and who are the real leaders these days? Goddamn!!”

    Another IG user noted that the pastor is too “old to be insecure and dusty.”

    Another person joked, “…this ain’t the church my grandma took me to.”

    “This was not of God. This was for you & your husband chile,” wrote another commenter.

    Do you agree?

    Pastor Gooden seemingly responded to the backlash. On Instagram, she posted the phrase: “Let them hate. Just make sure they spell your name right.”

    You can watch Pastor Gooden’s passionate sermon in the Instagram clip above.

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