‘Life After Lockup’ Exclusive: Blaine Is In A Bind And Lindsey Wants To Help

    We’re still a day away from a brand new episode of Life After Lockup and we’ve got an exclusive clip for your viewing pleasure.

    Source: Courtesy WeTV / WeTV

    One of the best things about the weekend approaching is that every Friday brings a brand new episode of one of our guiltiest pleasuresLife After Lockup. This week we’re taking a little break from Derek and Monique’s drama to give you a look at what’s going on with Blaine and Lindsey. In the clip below, Blaine and Lindsey have a conversation about the tight spot he’s in and Lindsey offers to call an old friend to help collect money that is owed to help with Blaine. Check out the clip below:

    It sounds like they’ve both still been keeping some stuff from each other. Did it surprise you at all to hear Lindsey putting pressure on her old associates to collect her coins? Hopefully, she won’t be tempted to put her old skills to work in other (illegal) ways!

    Here’s what else to expect from the episode:

    Monique and Derek’s sister face off (again), Sarah confesses to her mom and Chance has an emotional reunion you don’t want to miss!

    A brand new episode of Life After Lockup airs Friday March 17 at 9pm on WeTV!

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