CineaCloud Takes Filmmakers from First Draft to Final Distribution on One Platform

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    *Content creators who are looking to organize their ideas, write their scripts, plan, budget, collaborate, and distribute their work — all on one platform, should check out CineaCloud.

    “Our solution helps content creators go from initial story idea to final film distribution,” Manee Osman, Co-Founder & CEO of CineaCloud explained, as reported by Digitial Journal. “CineaCloud is a film and production management solution that helps creators streamline their workflow. Allowing content creators to organize their ideas, write their scripts, plan, budget, schedule, collaborate, and distribute their work. All on one platform.”

    CineaCloud is a first-of-its-kind-full-suite file management software that offers 25 apps to assist filmmakers with: Story Map, Beats, Script, Shot Design, Budget, Props, Shooting Scheduler, Storyboard, Location, Project Scheduler, and more.

    Content creators can choose a free plan or a premium plan and can cancel at any time. Learn more about the platform via our exclusive Q&A with the developers below.

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    Can you explain what CineaCloud is and the inspiration behind it?

    CineaCloud is a complete end-to-end management solution for filmmakers. The inspiration was to give filmmakers the same tools as the larger studios and to level the playing field for all filmmakers. 

    If you were to pitch CineaCloud on Shark Tank, what would your product pitch say?

    We have a filmmaking solution that will save filmmakers time and money on every production. 

    What makes this app the perfect companion piece for content creators and filmmakers?

    The app provides content creators with a one-stop shop that allows them to create, develop, plan, and execute a production. CineaCloud is a true end-to-end service. 

    What are some of the app’s main services?

    CineaCloud is a platform that has over 22 apps. CineaCloud has everything a filmmaker would need, from developing their story, writing it, casting, budgeting, scheduling, reviewing edits and VFX shots, creating an electronic press kit and submitting to distributors and film festivals.  

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    What if you’re not technically savvy? Will users find the interface easy to navigate?

    Yes, we’ve created a solution that is intuitive and easy to use. We have a workflow process that will guide any filmmaker or content creator through the step-by-step process to complete a production. 

    What is the one piece of advice for someone who has just started as a CineaCloud user?

    We’ve made it easy to get started. We have a free plan that allows filmmakers to jump right in and start creating content.

    Learn more about the CineaCloud app HERE.

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