#MAFS Exclusive Clip: Shaq Wants Kirsten To Let Her Guard Down But She’s Still Struggling—‘I’m Laying It Down Day By Day’

    A Married At First Sight season 16 husband wants his wife to open up, and BOSSIP’s giving you an exclusive first look.

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    During tonight’s episode of #MAFS airing at 8/7 c on Lifetime, viewers will see Kirsten and Shaq mark their milestone one-month anniversary with a skate night and an intense convo about their connection.

    The couple is still on two different pages and last week, they had a conversation about the “walls” that Kirsten has up.

    “How can I break down those walls?” asked Shaq. “When will she get to that point where she trusts me?”

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    Not only that, but they also discussed Shaq rejecting a job offer without consulting Kirsten first, a sign of his commitment to their marriage.

    “We need to focus on us. So I went ahead as a man and made the decision for myself,” said Shaq.


    And while it’s clear that Shaq is all in, he still has doubts about where his wife stands especially since she’s having a hard time letting her guard down.

    “Married At First Sight” Season 16 Exclusive Clip

    In an exclusive clip from tonight’s episode, we see Shaq and Kirsten marking one month of marriage at a skating rink.

    Source: Kinetic Content / MAFS

    In between the fun and champagne, Shaq says he wants to know all facets of his wife like Kirsten the best friend, Kirsten the sister, Kirsten the daughter, and Kirsten “all across the board” but Kirsten thinks she needs more quality time and intentionality.

    “I mean in order to get to know me, you just really have to be around me,” says Kirsten while Shaq counters and asks if she thinks he’s “not around.”

    “Sometimes you are around,” says Kirsten. “But also when you’re around we both still have to be intentional when we’re around each other and have intentional conversations, that’s how I let my guard down.”

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    As you can imagine, Kirsten’s answer leaves Shaq frustrated, again.

    “I definitely feel like me and Kirsten are still not on the same page when it comes back to us spending quality time and everything because I’ve been around her,” says Shaq to the cameras. “We’ve been places, we’ve been in a moment [and]  it’s always just ‘give it a little bit more time.’ So I’m like well what do I have to do differently when I’m around her to get that side of her?”

    Source: Kinetic Content / MAFS

    Shaq then asks his wife how much time she needs to let her guard down.

    “I’m laying it down day by day,” says Kirsten.

    Shaq however is not convinced.

    “Are you?” asks Shaq. “I don’t see it, like I don’t be seeing that you let your guard down. We talk about it like today is all about moving forward so I don’t want to harp on it, but we always talk about getting to that next stage and then we always end up in the same place.”

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    “Well, starting today since we’re talking about moving forward,” says Kirsten. “We’re going to do just that and we can only start here and figure it out from here.”


    Shaq however reminds her that Decision Day is looming, but Kirsten tells him that they have a “lifetime” together.

    “We have a lifetime but we also have a decision date that we both have to work towards to get there,” says Shaq. “First comes Decision Day, then comes the lifetime.”

    Kirsten then admits that she has hangups because Shaq is so focused on Decision Day which makes her hesitant to bring him around her friends and family.  Ultimately she wants him to be committed to her regardless of Decision Day.

    “I’m struggling sometimes,” admits the #MAFS wife.

    Source: Kinetic Content / MAFS

    Take an exclusive look below.


    Not only will these two have this moment but things will get especially interesting when Kirsten and Shaq recap an intimacy conversation that they had with the other couples. Shaq’s shocked to hear that Kirsten STILL thinks that their chemistry and intimacy is lacking.

    “I’m like what in the hell?” says Shaq while Kirsten says their communication is horrible and the intimacy “could be better.”

    Things aren’t looking good for these two…

    A new episode of Married At First Sight airs TONIGHT Wednesday, March 15 at 8/7 c on Lifetime!

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