‘Ghost: Power Book II’ Cast Share New Family Dynamic | Watch

    *Sibling rivalry and sibling love!

    The Tejada family may have beef between them but they are at a point where they must stick together.

    With season three of “Ghost: Power Book II” airing soon, fans will see how the Tejadas are recovering after the loss of Zeke (Daniel Bellomy). And how they are dealing with the fallout of taking out Mecca (Daniel Sunjata).

    In season two, the family faced several obstacles that could have torn them apart.

    Diana (Latoya Tonodeo), discovered a damaging family secret and exposed her mother for holding the truth.

    Cane (Woody McClain), was on a destructive path to prove he can be the man of the family. Lastly, Dru (Lovell Adams-Gray), was faced with proving he can handle himself in this crime-induced family.   

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    STARZ ‘Power Book II: Ghost’

    The secret that blew up their family dynamic was the discovery that Zeke was also a sibling of the Tejadas and not their cousin. Explaining why Monet (Mary J. Blige), always treated him like a son. Unbeknownst to Monet and the kids, Lorenzo Tejada (Cane, Dru, and Diana’s father) accidentally killed Zeke mistaking him for Mecca.

    In this season Cane is on a quest to find out what happened the night Zeke was killed. He has been at odds with his father for the role of “man of the house”. Finding out the truth could change everything.

    We spoke with Woody about Cane’s agenda this season…”he’s forever going through a power struggle,” said McClain. “He’s the oldest so he feels like he should have everything and nobody has given him anything. And I think he’s going to have to trust his family more.”

    STARZ ‘Power Book II: Ghost’

    What will happen when he develops that trust and it’s later broken by his father? 

    Even if the trust isn’t on screen the cast has trust in each other off-screen.

    We asked Lovell about their connection behind the scenes. “Woody and I…I look up to him as a big brother. I don’t have a big brother, I’m the big brother in my house. I really look up to this man, like a lot,” said Gray. The cast having this connection off-camera provides a sense of realness on camera. It allows for the belief in the back-and-forth relationship siblings and family members have.

    As a fan of the show, I’m interested in seeing if they will trust one another this season or if Cane will continue to be the problem child.  

     Tune in to “Ghost: Power Book II” on March 17th only on Starz.  

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