MTV’s ‘Help! I’m In A Secret Relationship’ Exclusive: Travis And Rahne Get A Firsthand Look At How It’s So Cold In The D

    Have you been watching MTV’s new docuseries Help! I’m In A Secret Relationship!?

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    We’re excited to be exclusively sharing a sneak peek clip from the upcoming episode of MTV’s Help! I’m in a Secret Relationship, premiering on March 14 at 9pm ET/PT.

    Hosted by Travis Mills and Rahne Jones, Help! I’m in a Secret Relationship uncovers the heartbreaking stories of people who have been emotionally manipulated into keeping their relationships a secret. In the clip from Tuesday’s episode, we find Travis and Rahne getting the lowdown from Tee’s brother about how he may be seeking new management after previously having their mom manage him. There’s a major plot twist when Rahne and Travis recognize the woman Tee has been talking to about managing him.

    Check out the clip below:

    Dang… Talk about shady. How do you think it’s going to go when Travis and Rahne let mom dukes in on what’s been going on behind her back?

    Here’s what else to expect from tonight’s episode of Help! I’m In A Secret Relationship:

    CJ met the love of his life, Charles, almost a decade ago; their relationship has progressed smoothly except for the fact that CJ feels hidden by Charles. In this episode we’ll have a look at whether their relationship survive or not when Charles reveals why he’s hiding CJ.

    The brand new episode of Help! I’m In A Secret Relationship! airs Tuesday, March 14 at 9pm EST on MTV. Will you be watching?

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