Kandi Denies Stifling LaTocha Scott’s Solo Career Amid Xscape’s $30K Sister Stealing Scandal–‘Favor Ain’t Fair!’

    Bravo’s SWV & Xscape: The Queens of R& B is proving to be a scandal-surfacing series and ALL of the Xplosive drama is centered around Xscape.

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    On Sunday’s episode, viewers continued to see the fallout from Tamika Scott’s allegations that her sister LaTocha Scott stole $30,000 from her.

    Tamika reignited the family drama during a sitdown with their mother, who clearly took LaTocha’s side, and alleged that her younger daughter Tamika completely made up the claim.

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    Tamika however doubled down and told the cameras that her mom was well aware that her sister and her sister’s husband Rocky allegedly swiped her royalty checks and deposited them into their own accounts.

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    “You know they stole my money!” said Tamika while her mother demanded that the cameras were cut off. “My mom was angry because I revealed something that no one knew, not even my own daughter knew,” she added.

    “It took me back to when my sister and her husband stole my royalties and my mom defended them,” said Tamika in a confessional. “I told my mom and she was like, ‘well you don’t know what she was going through at the time, maybe she needed the money.’”

    “I was pregnant with Armani and my daughter Oshun was in college at the time, but she might’ve needed the money.”

    LaTocha and Rocky vehemently denied Tamika’s allegations and LaTocha said that her sister “has a tendency to lie.” Tamika however stood firm during a convo with Kandi and Tiny and also played a voicemail of her mom threatening to “kick her tail” for speaking ill of her sister.

    “You don’t have enough God in you to calm down and listen to righteousness,” said the matriarch. “And if hear you dropping on your sister, ain’t nothing in this world will keep me from kicking your tail.”

    Amid all of the sister drama, Kandi’s name was brought up by LaTocha who alleged that her fellow Xscape songstress might have played a part in the delay of her debut solo project.

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