Charlamagne the God and Angela Rye Unpack Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan | Video

    Charlamagne the God

    *Vice President Kamala Harris allegedly has a rabid fan base known as the KHive and several members of this fringe movement reportedly came for “Breakfast Club” host Charlamagne the God recently after he took aim at President Biden.

    Earlier this month, Charlamagne suggested that Biden supporters would blame the president for the failed student loan forgiveness program, Moguldom reports. We reported in December, via CNN, that the Supreme Court said Biden’s student loan debt forgiveness program will remain blocked for now but a decision on the matter is expected by June.

    Biden’s program would offer up to $20,000 of debt relief to millions of qualified borrowers, but it has been met with legal challenges since it was announced. Black students reportedly hold disproportional high debt so canceling the student loan debt would be greatly beneficial for this demographic. 

    On March 1, Charlamagne and political influencer Angela Rye discussed Biden’s student loan forgiveness program, with Charlamagne saying: “All folks are going to say is this administration just gave us more lip service…another promise that didn’t come through.”

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    When Rye asked Charlamagne to explain the reason for the hold-up, Charlamagne said, “I would if it wouldn’t look like I’m caping for Democrats, I will,” he said. 

    Rye responded, “You should look like you’re caping for people to get some kind of restorative and reparative justice.”

    Apparently, the KHive was trigged by Charlamage’s comments and took aim at him on social media. Twitter user 2RawTooReal called the radio host “Coonemagne.” He tweeted, “Why do y’all give large platforms to people like Coonemagne the goddess?”

    But Twitter user Randall Barnes noted, “It isn’t the media’s responsibility to make the Democrats’ case for them. It’s the Democrats’ responsibility to make their own case. I agree that the media does a lousy job in general, but Democrats can’t just sit back and say “welp, the media sucks, what can we do?” he asked.

    Watch Charlamage’s and Rye’s conversation below.

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