New Angela, Who Dis? Blac Chyna Announces Breast And Butt Reduction Surgeries For New ‘Life-Changing Journey’

    Blac Chyna’s not the girl she used to be, and after surgeries to reduce her breasts and butt, she’s only getting better.

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    Change is in the air for the celebs we’ve known and followed for years. After embodying sex symbol status, Blac Chyna is kissing her eye-catching enhanced curves goodbye. Page Six reports the influencer revealed she surgically reduced both her breasts and butt as part of her new “life-changing journey.”

    Blac Chyna goes for breast, butt reduction as part of ‘life-changing journey’

    — Page Six (@PageSix) March 13, 2023

    “I’m at the doctor’s office right now, and as y’all know, I’ve been changing my life and changing my ways. One of the things I feel is going to take me to the next level is obviously taking some of these *ss shots out,” Chyna said on the first of five videos in her Instagram post.

    Additionally, clarified that her silicone shots she used are very different from BBLs. The results may look similar, but silicone injections come with almost guaranteed complications and discomfort down the line.

    “A BBL is when they use your own fat. *ss shots are silicone.I just want all the ladies out there to know, do not get silicone shots because you can get sick, you can die, have complications and all this other crazy stuff,” she warned.

    The Rob & Chyna star shared these vulnerable moments to be a cautionary tale for viewers and fans considering the same high-risk silicone injections. Although she didn’t have any serious complications yet, she’s ready to preserve her health and outgrow the procedure she got at 19.

    Now 34-years-old, the influencer says she’s “past that stage.” On March 9, she went in for surgery to downsize the extreme curves on her tiny frame. Chyna said she’s even retiring her signature stiletto nails.

    “I’m going to get my bottocks reduced and also my breasts because, honestly, I feel like I’m past that stage. Been there, done that. This is actually my fifth time, hopefully my last time, getting my breasts done,” she explained.

    Afterward, Chyna shared a post-op update from Sunday in the final video. Fresh out of recovery, it was “one of the best decisions I could’ve done in a very long time.”

    Chyna was the cover girl of the latest edition of Ellements Magazine. The former stripper shared her excitement about evolution as her “biggest flex.”

    “I have grown so much just in the past few years alone. Allowing the world to witness this transformation that I’m going through is my biggest flex,” she signed with her real name, Angela White.

    Congratulations on all the positive changes, sis! We look forward to seeing more of Angela 2.0 in 2023!

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