‘Unbothered’ Bruv: Damson Idris Reveals How He Drowns Out The Hate Surrounding His Lori Harvey Relationship

    Damson Idris is more than aware of all the speculation surrounding his relationship with Lori Harvey, but he’s not letting any of that rain on his parade.

    Source: Amy Sussman/GA / Getty

    During a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the Snowfall actor opened up about the final season of the series that gave him his big break. During the conversation, he also talked about his newly-public relationship with Lori Harvey, which has been the butt of a lot of jokes since folks found out about their union.

    Luckily for Idris, he seems to be pretty great at blocking out the hate, knowing there’s always another celebrity relationship around the corner to take the focus off of him and his boo.

    “You stay at home and hide in the cave,” Damson said when asked about how he blocks out the public perception of his relationship. “No, I think my advice to anyone who walks down that path is to just keep it as regular and normal as possible and really, really connect to each other and not the outside forces around.”

    He continued, “It’s just watching other people that I admire do it so greatly and just understanding that you don’t always have to show the world your personal life. What you do for a living is an extension of yourself, and that’s your baby. And you need to protect that. You also need to protect your personal self too.”

    Still, Idris is realistic about the interest in his love life, knowing that none of this commotion last forever.

    “Of course, it’s the topic of gossip, and the blogs want to talk about that over the work. I see that a lot,” he explained. “But they’ll get over it soon enough. And in a couple days someone else will be dating and then they’ll leave me alone.”

    Elsewhere in the interview, Idris also talked about the end of Snowfall, admitting that the journey coming to an end has made him emotional.

    “I was crying like a little baby at the table read,” he said. “I said to everyone, ‘I’ll save the tears for later and the goodbyes for never.’ But just reading those lines and going from scene to scene and closing that script … I already felt like it was a job well done even before we started filming the finale.”

    As for the final day of shooting? Damson had mixed emotions.

    “It was interesting because it was such a whirlwind of a day and I was extremely exhausted,” Idris explained. “And I got to a point in the day where I said to myself, ‘OK, I’m ready. I’m ready to go home, ready to end this.’ And then they yelled, ‘Cut. And that’s a wrap on Damson Idris.’ And all of a sudden I didn’t want to go home anymore.”

    Source: Amy Sussman/GA / Getty

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