SYDAU: Ben Stein Laments That Racist Aunt Jemima Pancake Syrup No Longer Features The “Large African American Woman”

    Source: Michael Kovac / Getty


    The thing about right-wingers is that as ignorant as many of them are, you’ll never have to wonder about where they stand on race issues. They’re largely loud and proud to tell you exactly how they feel about you in no uncertain terms.

    If you need an example of the glee that washes over some of them during their loudest and proudest moments, look no further than Ben Stein. “Who?”, you ask? You know, Ben Stein, the Clear Eyes commercial guy. The monotone moron from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? No? Doesn’t matter. Point is, he said something really dumb and it doesn’t surprise us one bit.

    Stein posted a video on conservative social media app Truth Social to announce that he was making breakfast for dinner but the real point of the post was to complain about the fact that Aunt Jemima pancake syrup no longer features the “large African American woman” on the bottle anymore. Don’t believe us? Just watch…

    Actor Ben Stein says he misses the good old days when “a large African-American woman” was on his syrup bottle, but woke corporate culture ruins everything.

    — Ron Filipkowski 🇺🇦 (@RonFilipkowski) February 21, 2023

    Ben Stein has build his career on appearing to be a smart guy nerd type and while truth can certainly be stranger than fiction, we feel fairly certain that someone of his ilk knows the historical reference that Pearl Milling Company (formerly Quaker Oats) was using on that bottle.

    Aunt Jemima was representative of a slave nanny who cooked, cleaned, and reared the children of their white “owners”. The character was “retired” during the 2020 summer of protest. However, Ben fondly remembers the good ol’ days when Black women made him “yummy” pancakes and washed his dirty draws.

    Earlier, we mentioned that these comments come as no surprise to us because this is Ben’s thing. Opining offensively about things pertaining to Black folks that he knows absolutely nothing about.

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