‘Unprisoned’ Star Jordyn McIntosh Talks New Role Opposite Kerry Washington | EUR Video Exclusive

    Terry McMillan

    *Author Terry McMillan has created a new comedy series, “Unprisoned,” that was inspired by her own life and stars Kerry Washington

    Washington plays Paige, a therapist who’s dealing with life after her father is released from prison. Her father Edwin played by Delroy Lindo, comes to live with Paige and the show follows their journey as they are reunited after years. 

    Paige’s inner child has a lot to say about what’s going on. It’s become common for people to ask about their inner child. What would we say to the child version of ourselves or what would the child version of us have to say about us?

    In this series, Paige’s inner child is a focal point. Young Paige, played by Jordyn McIntosh, is the version of Paige that her older self wants to be. I sat down with Jordyn to talk about her role and filming experience.

    Check out our exclusive video interview below.

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    Jordyn McIntosh

    “She is a fierce and sassy bossy person. Technically the inner self of Paige,” said McIntosh of young Paige. 

    As we get older most times we develop a filtered version of ourselves and become more filtered with our words. But young Paige does not have that issue.  

    McIntosh filmed the comedy series after coming off of a dramatic role as Will Smith’s daughter in “Emancipation”.

    “It was very fun. Meeting Kerry Washington and Mr. Delroy Lindo. It was amazing doing scenes with them. I loved being on set,” said McIntosh.

    The acting skills of the rising star shine through regardless of the genre. Jordyn is ready for her face to be out in the world, and she is well on her way!

    McMillan serves as the executive producer on “Unprisoned” for ABC Signature. The series will exclusively be streamed on Hulu in the U.S. starting March 10.  

    Watch my full interview with Jordyn McIntosh below.

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