#RHOP Reproductive Organ Obliteration: Candiace’s ‘Dwindling Uterus’ Gizelle Diss Causes Commotion, Chris Bassett Brings Up THIS

    Candiace Dillard and her hubby are weighing in on Sunday’s Real Housewives of Potomac reunion that included a commotion causing “dwindling uterus” diss to Gizelle Bryant that’s dividing Bravo watchers.

    Source: Clifton Prescod / Bravo

    During part one of the sit-down, Candiace didn’t hold back while checking Gizelle over allegations that her husband made her “uncomfortable” during a 2021 hotel room conversation.

    In an unseen #RHOP clip, Gizelle shared that she got an apology DM from Chris Bassett after season 7 wrapped and she took it as an admission of guilt.

    “If I truly made you feel uncomfortable…for that I am sorry”, read Bassett’s DM to Gizelle. 

    Candiace countered however and said that her husband’s apology came before the two of them watched the “15 different stories” Gizelle told about the situation.

    “I think it was important to note that the message was sent before we saw all the disgustingly egregious things that she added to the story,” said Candiace while Potomac producers ran clips of Gizelle saying that Chris was a “sneaky link” and “was a married man who wanted to see if she was with it.”

    These are the different versions of what Gizelle said happened w/ Chris. First it was the green room at the reunion, then a bedroom, and now a hotel room?

    What is Gizelle trying to do here? It’s giving paranoid and defamatory. #RHOPReunion #RHOP pic.twitter.com/RPCtAUP06C

    — Ace🔸️🔸️🔸️ (@TalkAmarachi) February 20, 2023

    Gizelle apologized for her word choice and her bestie Robyn Dixon jumped in to defend her. According to Robyn, immediately after Gizelle had the “uncomfortable” moment with Chris, she brought it up during their car ride home—but Candiace wouldn’t hear it and went on to blast Gizelle for alleging that Chris grabbed the butt of Ashley Darby’s (“Sesame Street”) friend. 

    “She accused him of sexual assault when she said that Ashely’s friend was grabbed on the a** by him,” said Candiace.

    Robyn then jumped in (again) and switched the subject to the inappropriateness of Chris being alone in a hotel room with a single woman, something that is oh-so ironic considering the scandal surrounding her husband, Juan. 

    “Can we agree though that it is probably not the best idea for a married man to be in a hotel room with a single woman?” asked Robyn to which Candiace scoffed and moved on while Gizelle tried to explain that all of the wives make comments about each other’s husbands.

    “You are the ringleader of lying and maligning husbands, this is not an All Lives Matter moment,” said Candiace to Gizelle. “You are the culprit.”

    When Candiace said “This is not an all lives matter moment, YOU [Gizelle] are the culprit” I was in Heaven 🤭 got her ass there!

    And then DR. Osefo poignantly adding this tad bit in was the nail on Gizelle’s grave because that was soooo well said. Where’s the lie y’all? #rhop pic.twitter.com/EcNA2d2w3n

    — Daily Bravo 💌 (@dailybravomail) February 20, 2023

    Candiace also noted that Gizelle attended her album release party ahead of season 7 filming and never mentioned the Chris moment, thus doubling down on her allegation that Gizelle just wanted to “secure a check.”

    “Instead of talking about her uterus and what’s happening in her personal life she would rather lie and malign families,” said Candiace. “You’re not smart! You malign and f***k with people’s families. You use this show to lie on people, your dwindling uterus was waiting for you to put it on TV!”

    I’m so here for Candiace dragging Gizelle by her neck rolls. #RHOPReunion pic.twitter.com/uO8t33QkWf

    — Angel Alexis (@444kingvirgo) February 20, 2023



    As you can imagine, social media has lots to say about Candiace’s “dwindling uterus” diss. Some people think it’s completely fair for her to hit below the belt (no pun) because Gizelle maligned her husband’s name.

    Others, however, think the reproductive organ obliteration was too much.


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