‘Love & Marriage D.C.’ Exclusive Clip: The Tylers Talk To Little Jamie About His Mental Health ‘You Got To Stop Shutting Down’

    A new episode of OWN’s hit unscripted series Love & Marriage D.C. is airing tonight and BOSSIP’s giving you an exclusive sneak peek at what’s going down.

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    In the clip, we see the Tyler family having an intervention for Little Jamie amidst his admitted mental health struggles.

    Erana, Big Jamie, and Britney want Little Jamie to go to counseling and let him know that they’re open to going with him as a family.

    Source: Love & Marriage: D.C. / OWN

    During last week’s episode, Big Jamie was convinced that his son was threatening to harm himself “for attention”, but it looks like he’s changed his mind.

    “Little Jamie, you got to stop shutting down, man,” says Jamie Sr. “Listen to me, what I’m trying to explain to you, it might not be just you. I got [s***] going on in my head too.
    “This is not about Little Jamie, [like] just talk to him, something wrong with him. No, I need to hear it for my damn self,” adds the father who says that he might have an anger issue.

    “I might be approaching you wrong or saying the wrong stuff. That’s why I’m going.”

    Hearing his father say that he’ll go to therapy is ultimately what seals the deal, and Little Jamie agrees to the counseling.

    “So what honestly changed my mind to go to therapy was the fact that the therapy wasn’t for me, it was for us,” says Little Jamie.

    Check out the exclusive clip below:

    We love to see the Tylers coming together to help little Jamie in his time of need.

    “Street Fighters”, see a full episode description below.

    A Tyler family intervention forces Little Jamie to get help for his mental health. Sherrell confronts a defensive Joi about badmouthing her husband. Quick gets a street named after him, but the joyful moment turns ugly when Sherrell accosts a confused Erana.

    Tune in to a new episode of Love & Marriage: DC airing TONIGHT Saturday, 2/18 at 8PM ET/PT on OWN. 

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