‘Moon Girl’ Debuts at Disney California Adventure Park


    *Disney and Marvel are rolling out a brand new animated series, “Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur,” and what better way to celebrate Black History Month than with a show that focuses on the intelligence of a young Black girl from the Lower East Side of New York City!

    In the series, Lunella Lafayette uses her highly intelligent alter ego Moon Girl, who’s voiced by Diamond White, to help fight the evils going on in her community. She has the assistance of her unusual sidekick.

    Lunella’s love for science extends into the world of quantum physics. During one of her experiments, she opens a portal, and in comes Devil Dinosaur. Instead of sending him back through the portal, she decides to keep him. I mean who wouldn’t keep a rare extinct T-Rex?

    Fans will be entertained as they watch the neighborhood girl fight crime with her pet dinosaur. 

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    Not only is Moon Girl featured in this series she is also a character in Disney’s California Adventure. The park welcomed her with an event to introduce the character LIVE to fans, and EUR was on hand for the festivities.

    Guests were able to see the character in action as well as get a sneak peek into the upcoming first season. The voice actors from the series were also in attendance. I got a chance to talk with the cast about their excitement for the new series and Disney event.

    “I have been doing animation for a long time. Never in my whatever year career have I ever seen anything this well received this early,” said Gary Anthony Williams. The actor voices Pop, Lunella’s grandfahter.

    Her grandmother is played by the legendary Alfre Woodard. She gave me her thoughts on what it means to have Moon Girl magic.

    “What people call magic I just call the reality. There’s no magic to it, it’s intentional,” said Woodard. She speaks of Moon Girl’s courage to just be herself and how that quality comes naturally to the character. Moon Girl (Lunella) will be a positive influence on all young girls especially young Black girls who aren’t afraid to be their authentic selves and not hide their intelligence from the world.  

    For a limited time beginning Feb.15 at Hollywood Land in Disney California Adventure Park, guests will have the opportunity to encounter Moon Girl from the newest Disney series “Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur,” which debuts on Feb.10 on Disney Channel and Feb. 15 on Disney+. (Christian Thompson/Disneyland Resort)

    Per a news release, Moon Girl arrives at Disneyland Resort as a part of Celebrate Soulfully, a combination of food, entertainment and experiences that highlight and celebrate Black stories.

    “Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur” is streaming now on Disney Plus.  

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