Smokey Robinson Unpacks Past Cocaine Addiction in New Interview | Video

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    *Motown legend Smokey Robinson opened up about his past drug use and addictions in a new interview with VladTV.

    During the conversation, Robinson revealed he lost a lot of weight at the height of his cocaine usage. While marijuana was his initial drug of choice, Robinson said he used to sprinkle a bit of cocaine in his weed to enhance the high.

    Robinson reportedly battled with cocaine addiction throughout his 40s.

    “I got to that point where I was just walking around and uh, you know I’m 5’11 and I’m walking around and I weigh 120 pounds,” the 82-year-old shared. “I don’t have any belts or any pants or anything like that to fit me.”

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    Robinson believes the passing of his father may have contributed to his battle with drugs.

    “My dad died, you know, my dad was my man,” he said, “then Marvin [Gaye] died, you know. It’s just a lot of stuff was going on that was getting to me psychologically, which I didn’t realize it was.”

    Robinson was ultimately able to get clear and sober in 1986 after seeking help from his church minister.

    “I walked into church that night I was a junkie. I was hooked on cocaine and weed, you know. I came out, I was free. That was it,” he said.

    Check out Smokey’s full conversation with Vlad TV below.

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