Florida Rapper Acquitted of Double Murder Charged With Killing Pregnant Lover

    Billy Bennett Adams III / mugshot

    *A Florida man allegedly killed his pregnant girlfriend days after a jury found him not guilty of a fatal double shooting.

    According to police, Billy Bennett Adams III, 25, was known locally as rapper Ace NH. He was arrested last week on charges of first-degree murder after allegedly fatally shooting his 22-year-old girlfriend Alana Sims, who was five months pregnant. Adams had just beaten a double murder charge when he reportedly called Sims on January 30 to tell her he wanted to celebrate. Once they met up, police claim he shot the young woman as she got out of her car. Her toddler was reportedly sitting in the vehicle at the time.

    According to Vlad TV, Tampa Major Mike Stout claims Adams “did admit to being the one to pull the trigger.”

    Stout added, “I didn’t find him remorseful in watching my detectives do the interview, no. He did not want to be in her life anymore and was not ready to have a child is unfortunately how it appears to us.”

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    Prosecutors allege that Adams plotted to harm Sims because he didn’t want the responsibility of taking care of their unborn child. Apparently, he was in a love triangle with the victim and another woman. 

    Adams reportedly texted the other woman to vent about Sims’ pregnancy. According to court documents, Adams warned the woman that he was plotting something sinister. He allegedly told her that he wanted Sims out of his life, and that “tomorrow this s**t done.” 

    The woman reportedly replied, “This ain’t the way baby.”

    The next day, Sims was dead.

    Watch the video report below.


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