DaBaby Wants An LA Judge to Postpone His Upcoming Civil Trial Regarding a 2020 Assault

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    *DaBaby wants his upcoming civil trial regarding a 2020 assault postponed. The North Carolina rapper (born name: Jonathan Kirk) has, through his attorneys, requested a Los Angeles judge to postpone a delay in his legal match with a property owner, Gary Pagar.

    Pagar had sued DaBaby in February 2021, accusing him of assault. In the lawsuit, Pager alleged that he had gone to enforce “basic rental rules” at his North Carolina property, which he had leased to DaBaby. He found the rapper shooting video, an act that went against the terms of the lease agreement. It was then that he alleges the rapper assaulted him.

    The hearing was initially set for this April before the accused’s lawyers maintained that they have to give precedent to a criminal case surrounding the same incident over Pagar’s civil suit. The lawyers stated in the court documents that their client “cannot be called to testify in this matter until after his criminal case has been resolved, which will not be until October 2023, at minimum.”

    They further added that if the trial date is not continued, [DaBaby] will not be able to respond to discovery or testify without providing information that could potentially incriminate him in the parallel criminal case, so the trial date must be continued to protect [DaBaby’s] Fifth Amendment rights.

    Following this request (which was granted), the court proceedings surrounding the lawsuit have now been moved to October 23.

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    And there’s more. When DaBaby signed a lease for the property in Troutman, North Carolina, he and his management team agreed that no more than 12 people would be on the property at any given time, to comply with COVID-19 restrictions. This is according to Gary Pagar’s filing.

    But when Pagar visited the property on December 2, 2020, he found more than 40 people plus a film crew shooting a video. He tried to plead with DaBaby to stop this. But the “BOP” rapper responded by allegedly attacking and punching him. Pagar’s tooth was knocked out as a result.

    The police were called, but DaBaby and his crew took off, but not before stealing “valuable kitchenware.” They also damaged properties worth thousands of dollars. These included a security camera. Then they didn’t pay the full lease as agreed.

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