A Lil’ Positivity: Tyler Perry Donates $750k To Pay Raising Property Taxes For Senior Citizens Living By His Studio

    Source: Variety / Getty

    Tyler Perry donates $750k to handle property taxes for senior citizens surrounding his studio who were at risk of losing their properties.

    Tyler Perry Studios is a massive accomplishment and a dream of Tyler Perry’s that probably still feels unreal to this day. The 330-acre lot is located in the heart of Atlanta on the old Fort McPherson army base. It’s one of the largest production facilities in the country. The property has forty buildings on the National Register of Historic Places with twelve sound stages and 200 acres of green space. With such a historic scale of business operations, there will always be downsides. The downside, in this case, is the rising property taxes for those who have lived in the area around the studio for decades. Unlike most Tyler Perry isn’t tuning out the issue and handling it himself.

    Tyler Perry Donates $750k To Handle Rising Property Taxes For Seniors Living By His Studio

    Since Tyler Perry Studios opened it has had a great impact on local property taxes. Depending on who you are that can be a good or a bad impact. For many senior citizens in the area, it’s a bad thing as their property taxes have skyrocketed. According to TMZ, Tyler Perry isn’t running from the growing pains and doing the right thing. Tyler is donating $750k to ensure the seniors are able to stay in their properties and aren’t priced out. Reportedly Tyler reached out to Atlanta mayor Andre Dickens to make sure no one was displaced. His donation will cover all back property taxes for every senior home which is close to 300 homes.

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