New Race, Ethnicity Classifications on US Census Would Remove Term ‘Negro’

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    *The Biden administration is seeking to change how the U.S. Census collects race and ethnicity data.

    A collection of civil servants called the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) was convened by the Biden administration to propose a variety of changes in how the census asks questions about race.

    As Moguldom reports, the OMB published a request for comments on Jan. 27, on how to revise SPD 15. SPD stands for Survey of Program Dynamics, which is defined as “a longitudinal, demographic survey designed to collect data on the economic, household, and social characteristics of a nationally representative sample of the U.S. population over time.”

    In an effort to make the census more inclusive, the group recommends adding new categories like “Middle Eastern or North African” and removing terms such as “majority” and “minority”. These so-called experts also want to recategorize Latino and Hispanic identity as a racial category instead of ethnicity.

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    Hello, Here’s a copy of our presentation to the OMB on 1/21/22 with links to their public comment registry. Be a part of black American descendants of U.S. Freedmen history and let your voice be heard. Enjoy! @SandyDarity @dremcdowell @IrstenKMullen

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    Race is defined as “the group or groups that you may identify with as having similar physical traits that are regarded as common among people of a shared ancestry,” and ethnicity is “something you acquire based on where your family is from and the group which you share cultural, traditional, and familial bonds and experiences with.”

    The current racial categories on the census contradict these definitions. Hispanic and Latino activists in particular have criticized the way their identities are classified.

    The current racial categories tend to cause confusion that leads to the undercounting of Hispanic and Black Americans on the census. OMD wants to drop the “Negro” as an alternative for Black or African Americans and “Far East” from the Asian definition, replacing it with “East Asian.”

    The new format provides only five categories for race: American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian, Black or African American, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, or White, per Forbes.

    The outlet writes, “If accepted, these suggestions would change the official definition of “white” that was set in 1997, that described “white” as anyone with origins in Europe, the Middle East or North Africa.”

    Here’s more from Blavity:

    The current census lists a handful of broad racial categories, including American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian American, Black, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander and White. Many of these categories allow for alternative labels, such as “African American” or “Negro” for Black. Others break down the categories into various nationalities or sub-groups; for instance, the Asian category includes options such as Asian Indian, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese and more. However, various scholars and advocates have argued that these categories are inadequate, inadequate or needlessly confusing.

    I enjoyed being able to work with my colleagues and folks I admire and respect on all our behaves. Those Directive 15 race and ethnicity categories need serious reevaluation to deliver fairness and equality to all it will impact in America going forward.

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    The OMB has turned to the public to gather opinions about the proposed changes. The group will make final decisions by the Summer of 2024. Any revised racial categories will be implemented with the 2023 census.

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