ChampagneParlay: Drake Places $1M In Super Bowl Bets On The Chiefs– Could Win $4.5M

    Drake Source: Prince Williams / Getty

    Drake continues his annual Super Bowl bets with Stake, placing $1M on the Kansas City Chiefs over several picks, and could win $4M.

    When it comes to the face of gambling Drake is automatically one of the first names that come to mind. For years social media joked about the #DrakeCurse. Those jokes and his superstar status eventually led to him becoming the face of the gambling platform Stake. After last year’s Super Bowl bets on Odell Beckham Jr and the Rams, it seems Drizzy is keeping the tradition going.

    Drake Places $1M In Super Bowl Bets On The Chiefs– Could Win $4.5M

    Yesterday ChampagneParlay aka Drake dropped his bets for the upcoming Super Bowl. Drizzy is a die-hard Alabama fan so you figure he’d bet on the Eagles, but he didn’t. The boy is taking the Chiefs to win it all this Sunday.

    My psychotic bets for Sunday are in @stake 🤞🏽😈 pls do not analyze the logic behind these bets there is none 😤

    The bets came with a disclaimer that there was zero logic behind them but of course, the logic is your best chance at winning more money. Over his seven bets almost $1M was wagered and if he’s lucky $4.5M will be coming back to Drizzy. If you plan on betting on the Super Bowl please be responsible you are not Drake and can’t throw away a million.

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