#RHOP Ridiculousness: Juan Dixon’s Alleged Mistress Speaks Out, Calls His Robyn Marriage ‘Fake’ & ‘For The Fans’


    The woman at the center of a Real Housewives of Potomac cheating scandal is speaking out and making allegations of her own. As previously reported Robyn Dixon has been in the hot seat for not disclosing that a woman contacted her claiming that she “dated” her husband Juan during Covid.

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    However, Robyn said it was irrelevant because nothing transpired between the two other than “inappropriate communication” and a hotel room payment because of a lost wallet.

    Now the alleged mistress is telling a different story while urging the housewife to “tell the truth.”

    “Be real,” said the woman.


    The Canadian woman named Brittany recently did an interview with Georgio Says and said that she and Juan communicated for over a year before they mutually agreed to meet in Maryland. She also denied that she was actually dating a Baltimore Ravens player, not Juan, something that Robyn alleged.

    “I have no reason to go to Maryland other than to see Juan,” said Brittany.

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    The woman also denied the housewife’s allegation that Juan Dixon’s name was on her hotel receipt because she lost her wallet in a casino.

    “I don’t know what to say to that, it’s just outrageous,” she said. “It doesn’t make sense, any of it. Correct [we did hang out].”

    […] He didn’t just get me a hotel room to say goodbye.”

    The alleged mistress also claimed that Juan said that he and Robyn were faking their partnership for the camera. 

    “It was very clear that the relationship was for TV,  it was for the fans. It was a paycheck,” she claimed to Georgio Says. “That was their obligation. They needed to do what they needed to do pretty much for TV.”

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    Brittany also flat-out denied a previous allegation from Robyn that she demanded $4,000 from Juan to stay silent and not expose their DMs to the media.

    “It’s a little outrageous and I wish she would’ve put more thought into her statement,” said Brittany referencing Robyn. “I am a Canadian citizen, we don’t have Zelle. We don’t request Zelle, I don’t have access to that on my phone,” said Brittany. “No, that did not happen.”

    The woman added that the Dixons should just tell the truth about what transpired and move on.

    “Be real, speak your truth but don’t add lies in,” said Brittany. “That’s what they’re both paid to do on TV, right?


    Despite Brittnay being adamant that she’s being truthful and saying that she’s not trying to hurt Robyn, people are poking holes in her story.

    People are noting that while Brittany said she didn’t ask Juan for hush money, Robyn produced a Paypal request receipt showing the woman’s name on it. It’s clearly for $4K.

    So Brittany M****, why did you say in your interview you never requested $4k from Juan and that Robyn was lying? That you don’t have Zelle in Canada (semantics)? Here’s the clip of her saying she never requested money from Juan. Now here is a pic of her Paypal request. #RHOP pic.twitter.com/vXnntwm9nM

    — Alex (@alexsaltertv) February 7, 2023

    Not only that, but people think Brittany has yet to truly go into detail about her alleged affair with Juan.

    Something is shady about this woman. She never actually describes what happened. She just agrees with whatever statement the interviewer gives her. She doesn’t say, “I wasn’t dating a Raven” or “he came to the hotel room with me.”

    — Courtney V (@LaVaudreuil) February 7, 2023

    At this point, it’s just a matter of time before we see the alleged mistress and she comes forward with more allegations.

    What do YOU think about the latest chapter in the Juan Dixon cheating claims?

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