Put ‘Em In Gen Pop: Tyre Nichols’ Killer Texted Photos Of His Body To 5 People, Officers Removed Body Cams During Attack

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    The story of the murder of Tyre Nichols gets more and more heinous and heartbreaking every single day as we learn the details surrounding the case.

    Not sure if it’s possible to be more angry about what five Memphis police officers did to an innocent Black man but if anything can do it, it’s this story. According to an NPR report, one of the officers, Demetrius Haley, took photographs of Tyre’s bloodied and beaten body and sent them to five people. This revelation came from documents that the Memphis Police Department sent to the Tennessee Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission and were released to the public yesterday.

    Source: The Washington Post / Getty

    Haley texted the photos to two fellow officers, a civilian police department employee, and an unidentified female acquaintance. No word on who that person is at this time. Shortly after the public saw the infamous video, the rumor mill began spinning the idea that Tyre was romantically involved with one of the officers. Memphis PD has not commented but the Nichols family has refuted those accusations.

    As a result of this investigation into the officers’ conduct, all five men have been decertified as law enforcement officials and will not be allowed to get another job as police officers even if they are found not guilty of the crime that they are clearly guilty of.

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