Megan Good and Jerrie Johnson Talk Self-Realization in ‘Harlem’ Season 2 | EUR Video Exclusive

    Harlem / Prime Video

    *Season two of the hit Prime Video comedy series “Harlem” launched recently and we caught up with a few of the series stars to chop it up about the show.

    “Harlem” follows Camille (Megan Good), a Columbia University professor, and her three friends – Angie (Shoniqua Shandai), Tye (Jerrie Johnson,) and Quinn (Grace Byers) -as they navigate career, life in your thirties, and the transitions that life can take you through. I spoke exclusively with Good and Johnson about the growth and journey that their characters will experience in season two.

    Johnson co-stars as Tye, a successful queer dating app creator struggling with her complex dating life. Johnson said she loves that the characters will be more honest and deeper this season.

    “We got through all of the character introductions. So not only were we able to be honest with each other, we were able, to be honest with ourselves about certain journeys. There’s a little bit more heart to hearts,” she explained.

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    Johnson said viewers will see her character spend more time with Grace Byers’ character Quinn.

    “Tye and Quinn are tied beautifully this season. We were able to flush through a lot of things. I probably didn’t spend the most time with Quinn in season one. I’m so happy that we get to play around with different storylines,” she explained. “And we see how the girls are with each other one on one, but also how we deal with big life issues, how the girls come to each other’s bedside when something big is happening.”

    Harlem / Prime Video

    In season two, we watch Camille realize that she has changed regarding the direction of her journey. Good said Camille’s most significant obstacle would be admitting that, in some ways, she’s not entirely who she thought she was. The actress and director noted that these discoveries are positive but having that self-awareness is surprising to the character.

    “She’s trying to figure out how to navigate this thing that she is learning about herself that she previously thought differently about it, but now I realize either I’ve changed, or maybe I never really felt that way, but I thought I should or supposed to or whatever,” said Good. “So I think that’s a moment we all experience in life. I think it’s lovely how she can unfold that in a way that isn’t perfect. It is a little messy, and I think that’s real life.

    Watch my full conversation with Good and Johnson via the clip below

    New episodes of “Harlem” season two are available on Prime, with two new episodes dropping weekly on Fridays.

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