Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul Reprise ‘Breaking Bad’ Roles for Super Bowl Commercial | Watch

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    *As a hardcore “Breaking Bad” fanatic, I’m super thrilled that series stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reunited after more than a decade to reprise their beloved characters for a 2023 Super Bowl commercial.

    In case you missed it, Cranston and Paul became Walter White and Jesse Pinkman once more for the snack brand PopCorners. They were joined by another iconic character from the show – Tuco Salamanca, played by Raymond Cruz. Check out the 60-second TV spot via YouTube below.

    “It’s so easy to kind of zip on that skin again,” Paul shared with PEOPLE about playing Jesse again. “It’s just like revisiting a very familiar friend.”

    “We had so much fun shooting it. Just getting back into those characters and seeing all the familiar faces,” Cranston tells PEOPLE. “We fit like a glove,” he said of Paul.

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    The cast used the same costumes and RV from the show for the Super Bowl commercial. Cranston said the creative team behind the project had several meetings about the TV spot being authentic to the series — in terms of dialogue so it better matched the original lines, according to PEOPLE.

    “Our characters on the show [were] always about purity in that particular product, and PopCorners has that same sort of mindset,” says Paul. “It’s all about basic ingredients. There’s no reason to throw in other stuff. You read the bag and you know every single ingredient.”

    “I think it works because [PopCorners understands] the milieu of the show,” Cranston adds. “The relationship between Walt and Jesse, the remoteness of it, that they have a quest to produce something of value. So it’s basically a switch out.”

    “Breaking Bad” ran for five seasons and last year the series’ spin-off “Better Call Saul” wrapped after its six-season run. A sequel film, “El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie,” starring Paul was released on Netflix and in theaters in 2019.

    “I feel like this is sort of where we all kind of hang our hats, at least with the Breaking Bad universe,” Paul says of the PopCorners commercial. “And what a fun way to go out.”

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