Das A Black KANG: Drawls Devastator Jonathan Majors Exposes His Cake Conquering Physique For Exquisitely Erotic EBONY Cover

    In girth and roses, news…

    Source: Keith Major @KeithMajor / EBONY Magazine

    Jonathan Majors is covering EBONY magazine’s February issue to discuss a myriad of things including his latest role as a (super sexy) supervillain and his affinity for the craft of acting.

    In the Cori Murray penned cover story, the MCU’s latest “Big Bad” also gives rare insight into his life as a girl dad and he’s giving Lovecraft lusties pum pum palpitations in hot shots taken by Keith Major.

    See excerpts from Jonathan Majors’ enormous horny-ness inciting EBONY Magazine cover story below.

    Source: Keith Major @KeithMajor / EBONY Magazine

    On Preparing for Acting Roles:

    “I give myself six weeks to build it out. And that’s just being respectful to the project at hand. It’s also honoring the art form, because—I think that’s one of the reasons I have so much faith in my work, it’s that I know I put the time in. I have the same approach in the gym. It’s the same approach with cooking dinner. It’s the same approach with raising my daughter. I know I did the work, so now I can play. I can do that. But if you’ve not done the work, then you just become a lesser father, a lesser actor, a lesser partner. I just become lesser. And the work allows me to start acting; it’s my occupation and my vocation. I take it extremely seriously.”

    Source: Keith Major @KeithMajor / EBONY Magazine

    Source: Keith Major @KeithMajor / EBONY Magazine

    Source: Keith Major @KeithMajor / EBONY Magazine

    On Being a Girl Dad:

    “One of the most beautiful things [my daughter and i] talk about is need versus want. I grew up very needy, meaning there are things I needed that I didn’t have. Fortunately for my kid, she’s not in that position. I worked very hard and continue to work hard—not just for the present, but for the future. She doesn’t have to do that, but she does understand. We teach value in our household, and self-worth. A big thing is, as she changes her hair up, I’m very clear to tell her I liked it the way it was. I love it now; I loved it then.”

    On Saying ‘No’ as an Actor:

    “Those first three, four characters, especially when you’re talking mainstream, will define your career. I was very conscientious about not playing roles I didn’t think were going to move me forward as an actor. Now I’ll play the bad guy, I’ll play the good guy, I’ll play the morally corrupt guy. Because my job is to tell stories, and to tell stories in a way that allows people to see themselves and to change for the better. But early on, I had one rule for myself, and I say it to younger actors, too: Keep your rent low, and you don’t have to panic.”

    Source: Keith Major @KeithMajor / EBONY Magazine

    Source: Keith Major @KeithMajor / EBONY Magazine

    Source: Keith Major @KeithMajor / EBONY Magazine

    On His Coveted Role in Ant Man and the Wasp: Quantumania:

    “What I’m trying to do with my work is to show that nothing is a monolith—not Blackness, not maleness, not comic book villains. Nothing’s more diverse than the fact that the ‘Big Bad’ of the MCU is a young Black boy from Texas. And there’s no help. There’s no allies. It’s [just] Big Bad, and he’s a member of the African diaspora—[you see that in his] lips, nose, cheekbones, everything. That’s him; it’s us. It says a lot about the MCU fans, and it also says a lot about how he was played. It forces people to be curious and to remain curious and to watch and receive, then they can be entertained. That entertainment is a means of catharsis, and that leads to change. So I think we’re doing well right now, as an MCU fan-based cohort. I think we’re doing great.”


    As you can imagine, people are quiiiite pleased with Mr. Majors’ EBONY cover and they’re begging to have their coochies conquered by his Kang thang. (Spoiler alert; it’s us, WE are “people”)

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    Somebody at Ebony Magazine said, “What if we wrapped Jonathan Majors in roses?”
    Whoever that was, thank you for your service.

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    Source: Keith Major @KeithMajor / EBONY Magazine

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