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    *Last month, Michael B. Jordan made his debut as the host of the January 28 SNL episode. When he took to the SNL stage, the talented and handsome actor took some time to jokingly address his breakup with Lori Harvey. Their high-profile intimate affair lasted more than a year. They were first spotted together in late 2020, and they officially confirmed they were in a relationship in January 2021.

    But in June 2022, Steve Harvey confirmed the lovers had broken up.

    Dressed in a dashing burgundy blazer and matching trousers, Jordan got fans laughing when he started cracking jokes about going through his “very first public breakup.”

    “I just directed my first movie, Creed III, but right after that, I went through my very first public breakup,” he said. “Now, most people after a breakup are like, ‘I’m going to get in better shape.’ But I was already in Creed shape! so I had to be like, ‘Alright, I guess I’ll learn a new language.”

    “Anyway, estoy en Raya, which translates to mean, ‘I’m on Raya.’” He joked, insinuating that he had joined a celebrity dating app.

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    He then got to clearing the misconception that he was heartbroken after the breakup.

    “After the breakup, everyone thought I was so heartbroken because when the news came out, I was at a basketball game and they caught me looking [disappointed],” the Santa Ana, CA native added, sounding like someone in a better place now. “Look, I was just chilling, but the Internet decided that was me being sad.”

    He then joked, “Lucky for me, if you Google ‘Sad Michael Jordan,’ the first 8,000 of those are this.”

    The Michael Jordan Crying Face Meme

    He said this as a photo of NBA legend Michael Jordan crying while giving an emotional speech at his 2009 Basketball Hall of Fame popped on the screen. The photo is now a popular meme.

    After he broke up with Harvey, the “Black Panther” actor deleted everything related to their relationship, just as she had done.

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