In The Mood To F**k Something Up: Beyoncé Breaks Internet With The Digital Drop Of Sexy ‘Cuff It (Wetter Remix)’

    If you’re still considering which assets to liquidate before Renaissance tour tickets go on sale, Beyoncé’s new release blessed us with an affordable digital drop.

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    The Queen keeps the hive buzzing with a grown and sexy version of a feel-good favorite from her latest album. On the heels of her Ticketmaster takeover announcement, Beyoncé dropped a surprise “Cuff It” remix on Friday.

    This update transforms the cookout playlist staple into a new slippery slow jam. Beyoncé replaced the original upbeat funk with an instrumental from Twista’s 2009 hit “Wetter.” She hopped on the beat, sampled from Janet Jackson’s “Anytime, Anyplace,” and rode it like a surfboard. “Cuff It (Wetter Remix)” is currently only available for sale on Beyoncé’s official website.

    Beyoncé has released the CUFF IT (Wetter Remix) with new lyrics and vocals

    Now available on

    — RENAISSANCE Updates 🪩 (@B7Album) February 4, 2023

    From TikTok To The Recording Booth

    For months, DJ Esentrik’s mashup of “Cuff It” and “Wetter” has been a viral sensation on TikTok. The mix first hit the internet in October with a TikTok of the song playing at a club. The video speaks for itself as an instant crowd-pleaser.

    Oct 3 22 🧾

    — kuya esentrik (@djesentrik) February 4, 2023

    “Soooo I’ve been hiding this for a while and now I can finally say it! ‘CUFF IT (WETTER REMIX)’ IS OFFICIAL! Thank you to Beyoncé, Parkwood, and most importantly the DJs and fans that supported this from the start! Love to all!” DJ Esentrik said, announcing the big news on Twitter.

    I said this in my homecoming review but she is so, so, so, so good at reinterpreting her own work. rather just just blessing the remix as bey approved, she said “ooh, actually that gives an idea” and redid it the way she would have if this had been the original version.

    — Catherine the Third🪩✨ (@battymamzelle) February 4, 2023

    Renaissance, which is one of the most collaborative recent mainstream albums, kept that same energy with this surprise release. Esentrik noted how significant this creation is, especially in the era of artistic interpretation competing with battles over credits and intellectual property.

    “Do y’all understand how crazy this is? She went back in the studio to recut the vocals and then some! This is a huge W for us DJs/producers. This is a celebration for all of us! Keep creating, you never know who’s listening,” DJ Esentrik added.

    Do y’all understand how crazy this is? She went back in the studio and recut the vocals and then some 😭

    — kuya esentrik (@djesentrik) February 4, 2023

    this is a huge W for us DJs/producers. This is a celebration for all of us! Keep creating, you never know who’s listening

    — kuya esentrik (@djesentrik) February 4, 2023


     “Baby make it rain / Don’t let go till it storms again / I pray this will never end,” she sang on the opening of the Wetter Remix.

    Beyoncé not only showed the idea some love but went back into the booth with new vocals and verses. Thunder claps and a soulful guiltar elevate the seductive update full of metaphors about motion in the ocean. A true Renaissance woman, always evolving and reinterpreting!

    Beyoncé is a genius releasing Cuff It (Wetter Remix). We been listening to this version for months. I’ve been thinking, with mashups being such a thing. All artists should release their popular mashups, giving Tik Tok creators producers credit. And sampling paperwork in order.

    — zaystiggy (@zaystiggy) February 4, 2023

     “I can see the love in your eyes / Boy I know you wanna squeeze it, don’t lie / Double tap when I walk by, f*ck a reply,” Bey crooned, reminding us that her architecture is flawless when it comes to a bridge.

    Beyoncé didn’t comment on the new song, but the legendary Chicago rapper shared the remix on Twitter. Do we need a verse from Twista himself?

    Happy Friday 🔥🔥🔥 @Beyonce

    — Shooter Ready Out Now (@TWISTAgmg) February 4, 2023

    What other surprises can we expect from Beyoncé during Grammys weekend?

    The “Cuff It (Wetter Remix)” only raises expectations for what Beyoncé has in store this Grammys weekend. The 28-time winner is already one of the most highly anticipated artists. Following her epic private concert in Dubai, everyone’s waiting to see if she will grace the stage with another showstopping performance.

    Leading the pack with nine Grammy nominations (tying with her husband Jay-Z for a record total of 88), it’s hard to imagine anyone else owning the night.

    Are you feeling the new “Cuff It (Wetter Remix)?”

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