Earl Skip Cooper to Address Generational Disparities with New FNDN.

    Earl ‘Skip” Cooper has created the Earl Skip Cooper Foundation

    *Earl “Skip” Cooper has created the Earl Skip Cooper Foundation (ESCF) to serve humanity. The foundation will render resources to bridge generational societal disparities pertaining to business growth and development, academic institutions, and systemic racism.

    ESCF will partner with organizations, institutions, and individuals that have a demonstrated ability and expertise to serve humanity without bias.

    The purpose of ESCF is to enhance the quality of life for people from all walks of life, individuals seeking collective expertise through business creation, spiritual enrichment, and pivotal advantages that lead to future success. This will be fulfilled by serving humanity and offering enrichment services to bring success through mindfulness in every aspect of life.

    The Foundation will implement positive informative programs including business growth and development, financial planning (present and future), resource expansion, webinar/podcast production, and veterans’ support.

    ESCF is in the process of raising financial contributions and supports to move forward with the administration and positive growth of the organization.

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    Earl ‘Skip’ Cooper – Photo: Cory A. Haywood

    About Earl “Skip” Cooper

    As the Chairman of the Board of the Black Business Association (BBA), headquartered in Los Angeles, the oldest active business support organization in the state of California, Earl “Skip” Cooper has had a positive role that enabled him to influence the minority business enterprise agenda for over 45 years.

    “Skip” earned a reputation as an advocate for minority small and diverse business contracting, procurement opportunities, and for legislation impacting minority business enterprises. Mr. Cooper, now President Emeritus of the BBA, is a 100% disabled Viet Nam veteran and a graduate of the University of Southern California with a master’s degree in Business Administration with a focus on Entrepreneurship.

    The ESCF may be contacted by sending an email inquiry to esc@esc-foundation.org. Visit the ESCF website for more information at www.esc-foundation.org

    Source: Edna Sims | esppr@icloud.com

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