Donovan Mitchell & Dillon Brooks Get Ejected After Scuffle During The Grizzlies Versus Cavaliers Game

    Donovan Mitchell Source: Jason Miller / Getty

    Donovan Mitchell and Dillon Brooks were ejected during the Grizzlies versus Cavaliers game following an on-court scuffle.

    The Memphis Grizzlies are the most exciting teams to watch right now in the NBA. Even if you don’t keep up with them you can’t miss the highlights of Ja Morant taking flight during games. Slowly but surely the Grizzlies are becoming a contender a championship contender. One thing you can see from watching the team is they have heart and aren’t backing down from any challenge. Two weeks ago Dillon Brooks engaged in a back-and-forth with Shannon Sharpe. As the chatter heated up the entire Grizzlies team cleared the bench to confront Sharpe.

    Donovan Mitchell & Dillon Brooks Ejected After Heated Confrontation During Cavaliers Versus Grizzlies Game, Mitchell Gives Spicy Post-Game Interview

    Last night the Cleveland Cavaliers faced off against the Memphis smoke chasers and the sparks were flying. Once again Dillon Brooks was at the center of the team’s drama. During the third quarter, Brooks had his layup blocked and was knocked to the ground. As he got up he swung at Donovan Mitchell hitting him in the groin despite him not being involved. Mitchell immediately reacted by throwing the ball toward Brooks. Immediately coaches, officials, and players got involved to break things up.

    Things got heated between Donovan Mitchell and Dillon Brooks in Cleveland 👀

    The scuffle resulted in both players getting ejected.

    — Yahoo Sports (@YahooSports) February 3, 2023

    After the game, Donovan Mitchell did his post-game press conference and didn’t bite his tongue speaking on Dillon Brooks.

    “That’s just who he is. We’ve seen it a bunch in this league with him,” said Mitchell. “He and I have had our personal battles for years. Quite frankly, I’ve been busting his a** for years … There’s no place for that in the game. You have to protect yourself at the end of the day.”

    “The NBA has to do something about it.”

    “It’s bulls**t if I’m being honest with you,” Mitchell said of Brooks. “It’s complete bulls**t to be honest with you. When you start doing cheap s**t like that, that ain’t it.”

    Cleveland went on to snatch a 128-113 win over the Grizzlies making their next match-up must-see tv.

    Too many quotes, you’ve got to watch the whole thing.

    Donovan Mitchell goes directly at Dillon Brooks in his postgame press conference. Must listen. @basketbllnews

    — Spencer Davies (@SpinDavies) February 3, 2023

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