Golden Rams Reversal: Albany State Head Coach Apologizes For HBCU Offering Scholarship To White Teen Who Used Racial Slur

    Well, that was fast!

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    Back in November, it was reported that Caucasian student football player Marcus Stokes lost his scholarship to the University of Florida because—despite all the news stories we constantly see about white people paying consequences after videos of them using racial slurs went viral, Stokes decided it was a good idea to post a two-second clip of him rapping, “Welcome back, n***a.”

    Florida Gators QB recruit Marcus Stokes with some choice words.

    He’s Caucasian.

    — CFBLIVE247 (@CFBLive247_) November 18, 2022

    Now, we all knew that Stokes would likely land at some other college—some other PWI institution run by melanin-challenged administrators who are indifferent about a white teen who posted a video of himself using the n-word as casually as people post cute kitten videos in their cat lover’s social media groups. 

    Instead, however, we found out in late January that Stokes had been offered a scholarship to attend an HBCU.

    #MarcusStokes, a four-star quarterback recruit who lost his University of #Florida scholarship offer after rapping the n-word on video, has received a new offer from an HBCU, #Albany State University. 👀

    — No Jumper (@nojumper) January 26, 2023

    Imagine that! A white kid had his scholarship rescinded by a PWI college in a state that’s more likely to punish educators for teaching critical race theory than it is to offer a non-whitewashed version of Black history, only to be offered a scholarship at Albany State University, an HBCU that should probably be first in line to reject a white athlete who gleefully used a racial slur and posted the video online for the world to see.

    Well, now, Quinn Gray, the head coach of the Albany State Golden Rams, is apologizing for the decision. SMH.

    “Let me start with a humble apology. An apology for not honoring the tradition and history of ASU and for letting many of you down,” Gray said in a statement that didn’t actually mention Stokes by name, according to Fox News. “I didn’t uphold the Ramily standard that I know you expect. Please know that my decision to speak with a student that did not meet your expectations was unacceptable. I only wanted the best for our team, athletes, and institution when I invited the student to visit ASU. As I say to our players, ‘there is a consequence to every action.’”

    “The consequences of my actions brought pain to our university,” he continued. “I was trying to help a student get back in competition, and in my haste, I did not consider the impact the decision would have on all of you. Frankly, it wasn’t my place to use ASU as the platform for redemption in this case. I regret that I used flawed judgment. If given the opportunity, I will do better.

    ASU expects excellence. The president has made it clear that my actions did not meet that standard. It was never my intent to misrepresent what ASU stands for nor to ignore the rich history of this institution. I am fully committed to the University’s mission of supporting academic excellence and student success.

    Being accepted into the Ramily is something that you have to earn. The Ramily embodies the spirit, authenticity, and love forged from the toil of giants before me. My actions caused you to question my commitment to our institution and our ancestors. As the consequences go, I hope to find a way back into the Ramily.”

    HBCU GameDay reports that Albay State’s President shut down Stokes’ offer to play football for and attend ASU.



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