Anansa Sims Supports Matt Barnes After Spitting Incident With Her Erratic Ex, Releases Receipts Alleging Harassment–‘I’m Exhausted’

    Anansa Sims has come to her fiance Matt Barnes’ defense after he spat on her ex-husband David Patterson Jr. She stated that the incident happened after the bitter baby daddy baited Barnes after already harassing and threatening to kill them BOTH on multiple occasions.


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    As previously reported, Patterson was spotted clashing with Barnes before the 49er’s playoff game at Levi Stadium. The two had a heated exchange before the All The Smoke podcast host hocked a loogie the man’s way.

    Immediately following the incident, Barnes filed a restraining order in L.A. detailing that the former NFL player was the aggressor and had continuously threatened him. Now Anansa is backing Matt and took to Instagram to reveal the extent of the harassment. She included text messages and an excerpt from a court document to support her claims.


    Anansa Sims Releases Receipts Of Alleged David Patterson Jr. Harassment

    In the model’s lengthy post, she alleges that Patterson escalated his unsavory behavior toward her and Matt after their engagement in December. She also alleged that Patterson threatened to abandon his kids and “traumatized” them in multiple ways including telling them his plans to give up his 50/50 visitation rights.

    “Matt doesn’t deserve this negative backlash. My Ex Husband David Patterson has been harassing Matt and I for years. The harassment from David escalated after our Christmas engagement.”

    “In the month of January alone my Ex has called the police to our home 5 times on false claims of us having a scheduled visit. Each time I’ve shown the different officers our Talking Parent messages confirming that we in fact did not have a visit scheduled. This has been extremely traumatizing for our children and neighbors.”

    Anansa, 44, also claims that Patterson has repeatedly made threats to shoot her with his Glock handgun and also threatened to run her over to “watch all the blood leak out of her body.” She added that similar threats were extended to Matt as well.

    “He also threatened to kill Matt with his Glock multiple times in front of our children,” wrote Anansa. “Thankfully I was able to record him saying these threats on video, which in addition to his other disturbing behavior aided in the Judge granting me with the restraining order on him.”

    Ansnas says that her ex-husband is so unhinged that he is making claims against Matt’s twin boys by making “heinous false detrimental accusations to authorities against them” and added that she’s personally filed restraining orders including a 3-year restraining order in 2017 “due to domestic violence and David threatening to kill me and himself multiple times.”

    Regarding the viral 49ers game incident, Anansa says her ex admitted to being jealous of the lifestyle that Matt can provide, and believes the incident was all part of Patterson’s diabolical plan to destroy Barnes’ podcast and ESPN career. She alleges that Patterson was baiting Matt into hitting him. 

    “It’s public knowledge that Matt is a huge 49ers fan and David knew Matt would be at the game,” wrote Anansa. “Giving David an opportunity to approach Matt. David started the altercation, which resulted in Matt’s response. Unfortunately, the cameras only captured Matt’s reaction, not the whole incident.”

    “Due to David’s history of consistent harassment, after the altercation at the 49ers game Matt filed a restraining order against David and the judge granted it. Matt was reluctant to do this, but I am so grateful that he did what was needed to protect himself and our family.”

    Elsewhere in the lengthy note, she alleges that Patterson’s fianceé filed a sham restraining order on Matt claiming that he was harassing her–despite Matt never meeting the woman in person. The woman later voluntarily dropped the restraining order, says Anansa.

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    Ultimately, Anansa says she is tired as dealing with harassment of this magnitude has become beyond draining.

    “At this point I’m exhausted, David has gone above and beyond to hurt Matt and I and it has unfortunately affected our children. It breaks my heart that Matt is being blamed for this altercation,” wrote Anansa.

    “My Ex has been harassing Matt and his twin sons, two innocent kids who have done nothing wrong. Matt was defending himself at Levi Stadium in a situation that David purposely created to provoke Matt and hurt our family. I pray my Ex Husband gets the help he needs for the sake of our children and for the safety of Matt and I. God Bless.”

    An alleged crazy ex is really not to be played with and judges should require individuals who have orders of protection against them to complete counseling to reverse their irrational thinking.

    Hopefully, Patterson will move on and allow Matt and Anansa to live out their happily ever after. Best wishes to the two of them.

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