Seen On The City Girls Scene: Mugler Mami JT Becomes The Main Attraction At Paris Fashion Week

    City Girl, JT, stepped out in all black for her very first Paris Fashion Show and didn’t disappoint—periooodt. She also made jaws drop during a viral moment that included a model snatching her purse.

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    JT sat front-row at the Mugler runway show wearing a look from the collection paired with a sheer black body suit, Mugler accessories, Mugler heels, and an unreleased Mugler bag.


    She styled her hair in a sleek, straight style and looked stunning and comfortable amid her Fashion Week peers.


    The unreleased Mugler purse actually turned out to be the focus and hot topic of the night.

    During the show, Venezuelan singer Arca hit the runway and stopped right in front of JT to grab her purse. The Miami rapper tried her best to protect it, but Arca snatched it out of her hands and proceeded down the runway with a smirk on her face.


    Arca steals JT’s bag while walking the Mugler fashion show in Paris 🖤 #mugler #arca #jt #citygirls #fashionshow #foryou

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    A clip of the two tugging back and forth with the purse made its way to the internet and caused fans to question if the “incident” was real or not.

    One user tweeted, “We know this was staged cause JT don’t mind getting active 😂😂.”

    Another tweeted “Part of the show cause she ain’t bout to let nobody snatch her bag, show or not!”


    Turns out the fans were correct and the bag snatching was indeed a part of the show!

    Arca and JT took to Instagram to clear the air and reflect on the headline-making moment.

    Arca reposted the viral moment on her Instagram Story and wrote,

    “@thegirljt, thank you for being up for the mischief and playfulness part of the show. You’re so beautiful it’s insane!”

    JT replied to the singer and reposted the video from the night to her Instagram story saying,

    “So fun. I was so nervous and was scared I was gonna look obvious. Obviously not ’cause they think it’s real hehe. Good job.”

    Other celebrities in attendance for the show were The Clermont Twins, Christine Quinn, Charli XCX, Australian pop star Kylie Minogue, and Real Housewife Lisa Rinna.

    Source: Pierre Mouton / Getty

    Christine Quinn, Charli XCX and Lisa Rinna at the Mugler fashion show for Paris Fashion Week

    — hourly charli xcx (@hourlyXCX) January 26, 2023

    Mugler’s return to the runway wasn’t your average show, Creative Director Casey Cadwallader switched things up and included gigantic TV screens, camera dollies, and a film crew capturing each model as they strutted down the runway.

    A-listers like Ziwe, Irina Shayk, Shalom Harlow, and Dominique Jackson of Pose hit the catwalk and the show closed with a DJ set.


    Paris Fashion Week went extremely well for JT and we’re sure this front-row moment will be the first of many for her.

    Source: Pierre Mouton / Getty

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