Congratulations Mr. West? Kanye West And New Wife Bianca Censori Enjoy Romantic Utah Honeymoon

    Welp Kanye West wasted no time moving on and apparently is a married man.

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    Yep you read that correctly! Just a few weeks after settling his bitter divorce from ex-wife Kim Kardashian, Kanye West is a married man again – to an architect from Melbourne, Daily Mail reports.

    According to TMZ the woman is Bianca Censori, she hails from Australia and she’s worked as an architectural designer at Yeezy for several years. You actually might’ve seen her in the past as a brunette. Guess she decided to switch things up for the wedding and rock a short blonde look that we’ve recently seen.

    Rumor has it that the couple tied the knot at Amangiri, an upscale resort with 34 suites with one four-bedroom Mesa home, located on 600 acres in Utah’s Grand Circle of National Parks and Monuments last week. This wasn’t any old resort either!

    According to Daily Mail, room rates at the five-star resort range from $3,300 up to $6,400; prices for the Mesa home, which is a 5,853 square feet freestanding villa, was not available. The average per night rate for a suite at Amangiri is $5,000.

    While the new couple might have had an intimate “wedding ceremony” there’s no marriage certificate on file to make it legal. Who all were in attendance? Not Kim and the kids. Kim’s representative denies that any of their four children were there with the newlyweds.

    Kim eventually took to her Instagram story and didn’t directly address the news but simply said, “I’m in my quiet girl era, I don’t have much to say. Just much to do.”

    Earlier this week the two were spotted out at the Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills and check this out, Ye was sporting a large new ring on his left wedding finger. TMZ reported that the ring symbolizes his commitment to her following the ceremony. How sweet.

    If you know Kanye, you know one of his love languages is writing a song for the woman he loves or including her name in the song. Sure enough, Kanye released a new song last month, titled “Censori Overload” — another tribute to his new woman.

    The song, which he released on Instagram in early December, is also being called ‘Someday we’ll all be free’ for its sample of the 1973 Donnie Hathaway song of the same name.

    The post is now deleted but at the time it appeared on Instagram his caption read, “Sensory overload. Variable epitope libraries from antigens boost immune response in the body.” Many fans speculate the song referenced his split from Kim or a previous girlfriend with the lyrics: “Wakin’ up to ‘I can’t do this any more’ texts…”

    He then went on to speak about the union in the next line: “And the Bible said I can’t have any more sex till marriage.” Coincidence or factual? You be the judge.

    Here’s a little background on Kanye’s new bae. Censori is from Melbourne, Australia, and currently lives in Los Angeles. She earned a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in architecture at the University of Melbourne. Okay, she’s smart! She later worked in the city for a a firm called Toscano Architects and was a design consultant for an outfit called Kolektiv.

    Vogue Australian caught up with the creative and she detailed splitting her time between the two cities. “The pandemic was the first time in a long time a lot of Australian creatives were brought back to one place,” Censori told the outlet. “Melbourne felt like this melting pot of global creativity. People began to cross disciplines and collaborate in ways I hadn’t experienced before.”

    Censori has been Yeezy’s head of architecture since November 2020. You know what they always say, your replacement is always closer than you think. Ye hasn’t announced the nuptials but he hasn’t denied them either so only time will tell!

    Do you think the marriage is serious? Is Kanye West moving on too quickly? Let us know your thoughts below!

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