‘Kold x Windy’ Exclusive: GeGe Wants To Know What’s Been Causing Windy’s Nightmares

    We’ve got an exclusive clip from the second episode of KOLD X WINDY, airing tonight.

    Source: Courtesy / AMC Networks

    If you’re new to KOLD X WINDY the series follows a female rap duo as they navigate the dangers of the drill music game and the streets in Chicago. On their hustle to the top, they face crime, violence, and betrayal, from white-collar money-making “stains” to rival gangs and explosive personal relationships. Ultimately, their sisterhood is put to the test as Malika “Kold” Wise yearns for a better life while Renee “Windy” Johnson craves street credibility.

    In the clip below, Windy’s aunt GeGe confronts her about the nightmares she’s been suffering. Can Windy trust her with the truth about what’s been causing her sleepless nights?

    Check out the clip below:

    So much smoking and not enough talking! Trauma and anxiety are so real. We’re glad to see GeGe extending herself to Windy. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Windy trusts her enough to be honest about what’s causing her night terrors.

    Here’s what to expect on this week’s episode (102 -“What You G’on Do”):

    Malika reunites with an old flame. Renee is haunted by visions from her past and takes a dangerous turn. The cops build a case on a local death. Renee is shocked by Pop Off’s actions, but Malika has a plan. Shelley Winters retaliates in the studio.

    Is there a cure for nightmares or is it all about having peace of mind? Have you ever struggled with sleepless nights? What helped alleviate the issue?

    The brand new episode of KOLD X WINDY, airs tonight, Thursday, January 12 at 10/9c on WE tv.

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